Ebenezer Scrooge

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All Aboard the Right's Misleading 'Humbug Express'

If 'everyone knows' it, no one will question it

(Newser) - This Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge would salute the American right wing: its “media infrastructure” has become a “humbug factory,” capable of spreading propaganda so widely that “it becomes part of what ‘everyone knows.’” Take the widespread idea that President Obama has presided over a... More »

The Only 3 Christmas TV Plots

When it comes time for the holiday episode, don't expect a surprise

(Newser) - Christmas “takes over the airwaves as comprehensively as it does malls, office lobbies, and public service announcements”—but unfortunately, the Christmas TV plotline always falls into one of three categories, writes Torie Bosch for Slate :
  • Money woes: “A holiday season without gifts doesn't really feel like a
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2 Stories