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Celeb Guys Who Took Their Wives' Names

Of course, none of them started actually going by it...

(Newser) - Katy Perry is taking new hubby Russell Brand’s last name —but in Hollywood, does it ever go the other way? Kate Torgovnick discovered that yes, it does. She lists four famous men who took their wives’ names, on The Frisky :
  • Jay Mohr: Added wife Nikki Cox’s last
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ESPN Rules List of Execrable Sports Shows

In top 10, Worldwide Leader takes nine spots

(Newser) - Most sports fans have caught a whiff of ESPN’s non-live-sports programming at some point in the past decade—and the Worldwide Leader takes nine of 10 spots on Sports Media Watch ’s list of the decade’s worst sports shows. (CNBC grabbed No. 8 with John McEnroe’s... More »

2 Stories