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Yazidi Girl Given as Gift to ISIS Recounts Escape

'Narin' tells Post journalist: 'I still have nightmares'

(Newser) - A 14-year-old Yazidi girl, captured and given as a gift to ISIS members, recounted her tale of escape to journalist Mohammed A. Salih in the Washington Post . The girl Salih calls "Narin" and her family were among the thousands of Yazidis who fled ISIS fighters to Mount Sinjar in... More »

Helicopter Overloaded With Rescued Iraqis Crashes

Pilot appears to be only fatality; 2 journalists among those injured

(Newser) - An Iraqi helicopter that brought supplies to tens of thousands of Yazidi minorities still trapped on Iraq's Mount Sinjar crashed today because too many refugees clambered on board, an Iraqi military spokesman tells the AP . The pilot is apparently the only fatality. New York Times journalist Alissa Rubin, 56,... More »

20K Trapped Iraqis Rescued From Mountain

Yazidis aided by Kurdish rebels

(Newser) - Today brought word from officials that militants in Iraq killed some 500 members of the Yazidi minority community, but much better news is also emerging: With tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped on a mountain by militants, about 20,000 of them have managed to flee within the past 24... More »

Obama Mulls Airstrikes, Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis

Decision on Yazidi surrounded by Islamic State expected 'imminently'

(Newser) - Both passive and active options are on the table as President Obama decides how to handle the humanitarian catastrophe developing at Iraq's Mount Sinjar , says a senior administration official who spoke to the New York Times . The passive alternative: Airdrops of food and much-needed medicine to the 40,000... More »

Iraq Blasts Toll Rises to 500

Deadliest terror attack since fall of Hussein

(Newser) - The death toll from Tuesday's series of suicide truck bombings in northern Iraq may exceed 500, with scores more lying injured in hospitals, CNN reports. The attacks were reportedly launched by al-Qaeda against the Yazidi, a pre-Islamic sect, spotlighting the religious warfare that US troop surge sought to quell. More »

Toll Rises to 250 in Iraq Blasts

Massive attacks against Kurds suggest spreading insurgency

(Newser) - Officials pushed the death toll of attacks on two Iraqi towns up to 250 today, as rescuers located more victims amid rubble. “It looks like a nuclear bomb hit the villages,” an officer told the New York Times of yesterday's blasts in an area populated by a Kurdish... More »

Gunmen Execute 23 In Kurdish Sect

Yazidis pulled from bus and shot in reprisal for stoning

(Newser) - Gunmen in northern Iraq stopped a bus carrying workers home from a textile factory  today, identified 23 members of a tiny religious sect on board, and shot them to death. The bus was filled with Christians and Yazidis, a mostly Kurdish sect that worships an angel, the AP reports. More »

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