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Soap Co. CEO Arrested Outside White House

David Bronner locked self in cage ... along with hemp plants

(Newser) - David Bronner knew how to make his arrest a complicated affair. The professional hemp grower locked himself in a 64-foot-square steel cage outside the White House and endured police warnings until firemen finally broke through with a chainsaw, the Washington Post reports. Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps,... More »

In Time for 4/20: Hemp Vodka

Sorry, it won't get you high

(Newser) - Don't bogart that bottle, my friend. In the counterculture world, "420" is the code for cannabis consumption, and April 20—or 4/20—is the holy day. On this April 20, the Alaska Distillery is introducing its hemp seed vodka. This is the same company that two years ago... More »

Eating Right: Some Unusual Suspects

Celery, seaweed could work wonders for your diet

(Newser) - The usual admonitions we hear at this time of year about eating right are probably going in one ear and out the other, so perhaps these unusual health-food suspects from Men’s Health will catch your attention as you prepare that New Year’s resolution.
  • Celery: Its phytochemicals are thought
... More »

3 Stories