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FBI Suspected Irving Kristol of Soviet Ties

5-month investigation ultimately cleared neo-con giant

(Newser) - During the late 1980s, the father of neoconservatism—who is also the father of Fox News commentator and Weekly Standard boss Bill Kristol—was investigated by the FBI over possible contact with a suspected Soviet agent, Gawker finds in a study of FBI documents. The much-redacted documents suggest contact information... More »

Russia Parades Its Might, With Soviet Echoes

Red Square display, marking defeat of Nazis, puts revived military on display

(Newser) - Russia marked the 63rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany today with a parade of Soviet-era of tanks, missile launchers, and columns of foot soldiers, the New York Times reports. President-turned-prime-minister Vladimir Putin and his successor, Dmitry Medvedev, looked on, surrounded by the contrast of communist ritual with symbols... More »

Russians Hot for Cold War Habit

Nuclear-capable bombers again tweaking US, NATO forces

(Newser) - Russia's air force has revived the Soviet-era practice of flying to areas policed by NATO and the US, Reuters reports. A Tu-95 bomber "exchanged smiles" today with American pilots who raced to track it as it flew over Guam. As during the Cold War, Russian officials called the incident... More »

Communist Art Is Capitalist Hit

Russian collectors get nostalgic for commie propaganda art, bucolic peasant scenes

(Newser) - Nostalgia for the good old days of the USSR is in—at least for Russian art collectors. These days, communist-inspired paintings of peasant scenes and heroic workers have acquired a uniquely capitalist hipness. "The art was propaganda of happiness," says Yuri Tyukhtin, a banker who runs an art... More »

4 Stories