Nigerian bomber

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Nigeria Attacks Leave 67 Dead

Islamist sect claims responsibility

(Newser) - An Islamist sect is claiming responsibility for bomb blasts and gun battles that claimed at least 67 lives in northern Nigeria yesterday, AFP reports. Suicide bombers and gunmen attacked churches, an army base, and police stations, leaving scenes of devastation across four towns. The town of "Damaturu is looking... More »

Muslim World Can Learn from Terror Suspect's Dad

It's time for Islam to shame suicide bombers: Friedman

(Newser) - The father of the failed underwear bomber set an example the rest of the Muslim world needs to live up to, writes Thomas Friedman. Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, by reporting his son's descent into radicalism to authorities, effectively admitted that his family system had broken down. And to defeat terrorism and... More »

Obama Gets First Report on Detroit Terror Attempt

Prez gets answers to how Abdulmutallab boarded plane

(Newser) - As a first step in his effort to overhaul intelligence practices, President Obama will today receive a preliminary report on how exactly the Detroit bombing suspect managed to board a US-bound plane, along with recommendations on how to prevent a sequel. The reams of intelligence data that were combed through... More »

Terrorism Warnings Often Go Unpursued

Detroit bomber alert not specific enough to rise out of 'noise'

(Newser) - However ill-advised it looks in hindsight, the decision of counterterrorism officials last month not to pursue a warning from the Nigerian would-be bomber's father was standard procedure for agencies flooded with unsubstantiated terrorism tips. It takes a specific threat, or an existing body of knowledge about an individual, for information... More »

4 Stories