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No Rest for Snow-Weary Buffalo, as Floods Loom

Temps set to soar today and tomorrow as vast amounts of snow melts

(Newser) - Shovel-wielding Buffalonians took to their snow-choked streets en masse this weekend, as plows, dump trucks, and military vehicles worked to dig the city out from the near seven feet of lake-effect snow that was already collapsing roofs in the area . But with temperatures set to near 50 degrees today and... More »

772K Without Power as Storm Moves to Wallop Northeast

12 dead in South, more than a foot of snow expected in parts of Northeast

(Newser) - More than half a million Southerners have been left without power after major sleet and snow that left North Carolina drivers stranded on icy roads yesterday —and now that storm system could bring more than a foot of snow to parts of the Northeast, the AP reports. In fact,... More »

'Perfect Storm of Factors' Crippled Atlanta

A rundown of ignored warnings, bad decisions

(Newser) - How is it that just a couple inches of snow managed to cripple Atlanta ? CNN calls it "a perfect storm—pun intended—of factors."
  • Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal called Tuesday's storm, which left commuters stranded on gridlocked highways and forced students to spend the night at
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National Guard to Escort 2.4K Atlanta Kids Home

There have been 791 accidents

(Newser) - The National Guard is being called in to help escort school buses as they evacuate the 2,400 students who have been trapped in Atlanta-area schools and buses since yesterday's three inches of snow , Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced today. State police will also be involved. Deal said the... More »

Atlanta 'Like Walking Dead' Over 3 Inches of Snow

Officials say storm was 'unexpected'

(Newser) - Three inches of snow may not sound like enough to shut down an entire big city, but it is quite enough when that city is Atlanta and the storm is, as the governor of Georgia said last night, "unexpected." Drivers trying to get home from work spent as... More »

Today's Storm: A 'Bombogenesis' Is Coming

Brace yourself, Northeast

(Newser) - Move over, polar vortex : The Northeast is prepping for a major snowstorm—what could be Washington, DC's biggest in three years. A look at what the region faces today:
  • Philadelphia: The Inquirer says a "bombogenesis" is coming this afternoon. What's that? "A rapidly intensifying storm."
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Snow Storm May Mess With Post-Christmas Travel

Midwest, East Coast brace for severe weather

(Newser) - Envy jolly old St. Nick: He gets to do all his flying tonight. Americans planning to fly home the day after Christmas, on the other hand, might be in trouble. A huge storm system that has already dumped rain and snow on the West Coast should hit the Midwest and... More »

Parts of East Coast to Get Blanketed in Snow

Rain may turn to snow in Pennsylvania, New York

(Newser) - Heat records are being obliterated left and right this year, but apparently the Northeast hasn't quite seen the last of winter yet: A rare late-April snowstorm is headed for western Pennsylvania and upstate New York, leading some schools in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains to preemptively close. The nor'easter,... More »

14 Inches of Snow Hit ... Arizona

Flagstaff schools closed thanks to more than a foot of unseasonable snow

(Newser) - From the Midwest to the Northeast, much of the country is enjoying what feels more like summer than the last day of winter today, but not Arizona; parts of the state are buried under snow following a rare, late-winter storm, CNN reports. The state has closed 180 miles of Interstate... More »

Winter Storm Pounds Colorado

Denver could see historic snowfall

(Newser) - Heavy snowfall in Colorado has shut down sections of I-70 and I-25 amid a number of accidents, as snow piled up at two inches per hour on the Eastern Plains. An area near Denver has already seen a foot and a half of snow, and another foot is likely in... More »

Worst Snowstorm Since 1985 Headed for Seattle

City could see three times its average annual snowfall

(Newser) - A major snowstorm is expected to hit Seattle tonight, dumping as much as a foot by tomorrow evening. And it looks like things will get worse: is predicting up to 18 inches in parts of the Seattle area within 48 hours; MSNBC notes that is three times the... More »

6 Dead as Blizzard Rages in Great Plains

Snow covers eastern New Mexico to Kansas

(Newser) - It's not the kind of White Christmas most people had in mind: Six have died in a blizzard that began yesterday and has been raging from eastern New Mexico to Kansas. Highways have been shut down in five states as the storm moves deeper into the Great Plains today.... More »

Blizzard Threatens Southwest, Midwest

Holiday travel could be affected

(Newser) - If you live in the Southwest and Great Plains and you were hoping for a white Christmas, good news! A powerful blizzard is sweeping across the area today, with up to 18 inches of snow expected in parts of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado, the AP reports. New... More »

Mother of All Storms Hits Alaska

Some residents evacuating Nome

(Newser) - Roofs are being ripped off and residents are seeking higher ground today as Alaska’s western coast is pummeled by a storm the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1974. In Nome, which is bearing the brunt of the severe weather, water is pooling at the base of... More »

Auckland Sees Snow for 1st Time in 80 Years

Other parts of New Zealand also affected for first time in decades

(Newser) - Downtown Auckland is seeing snow for the first time in 80 years today, as a "once in a lifetime" blast of winter weather hits New Zealand. "If Auckland is getting reports of snow flurries now at the warmest point of the day that makes you wonder about what... More »

How to Not Kill Yourself While Shoveling Snow

There are some tips, but the bottom line is ... have someone else do it

(Newser) - If you live in America, there’s a good chance you’re shoveling snow today—or will be soon—but beware: The dreaded chore can actually kill you . How to avoid such a tragic fate? Well, for starters, keep your per-shovel load to 24 pounds or less. Beyond that, however,... More »

Chicago: Thundersnow? Snowicane? A Big Mess

Lake Shore Drive closed, 24-foot swells on Lake Michigan...

(Newser) - One-third of the country is covered in snow , but the storm hammering Chicago is especially intense. What they’re dealing with, courtesy of the Tribune , Sun-Times , and the San Francisco Chronicle :
  • Hundreds of motorists and bus riders were stranded last night and early this morning on Lake Shore Drive
... More »

No Snow Yet, but Midwest Still 'Freaking Out'

Residents, officials brace for storm early

(Newser) - That “potentially historic” winter storm hasn’t really started yet, but that didn’t stop Missouri from declaring a state of emergency. All across the Midwest, residents are preparing early—and, in some cases, enthusiastically—for the storm, with schools closing, airlines canceling flights, and emergency generators selling out... More »

US Braces for 'Historic' Storm

One-third of the population could be affected

(Newser) - The storms keep on coming —and the latest, expected to impact one-third of the US population, is being described as “potentially life-threatening” by the National Weather Service and “potentially historic” by the Weather Channel . It will begin today and last through Wednesday, reaching from the Colorado Rockies... More »

Snow-Weary Northeast Gets... More Snow

Another winter storm dumps 12 to 19 inches on East Coast

(Newser) - Canceled flights, stranded passengers, closed schools: Yes, another storm walloped the already storm-weary East Coast last night, dumping anywhere from 12 to 19 inches of snow across the region. In and around Washington, DC, more than 400,000 customers were left without power; in Philadelphia, 1,500 people were stranded... More »

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