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Cows Really Don't Like Cowbells, Study Finds

At 113 decibels, the 12-pound bells can be as loud as chainsaws

(Newser) - Cowbell-clad cows are an iconic part of Swiss culture, but that doesn't mean the cows are happy about it. A new study out of the federal technology institute ETH Zurich studied 100-plus cows over a three-day period at 25 farms. Those who wore cowbells—some of which rang, some... More »

No More Cowbell: Austria Court Bans Noisy Clangers

Judge sympathizes with neighbors losing sleep

(Newser) - More cowbell is no longer an option in a small Austrian town. A judge has ordered a farmer near the small town of Stallhofen to remove the noisy apparatuses from his cattle because neighbors were losing sleep, reports Der Spiegel . The farmer had refused their pleas, claiming the bells... More »

Stop Mocking 'Sad Cowbell Girl': She's Blind

Miraculously, Web tones down response after revelation

(Newser) - Perhaps it was because it occurred at the Fiesta Bowl that web memesters got so much mileage from a video of a Boise State band member whacking on a cowbell with nary a hint of fiesta to be found on her face. Cut the mockery and stifle the spinoffs, Brenna... More »

3 Stories