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Army Nixes Word 'Negro' in Policy Document

Word dropped as personnel description

(Newser) - The word "Negro" has lingered in a US Army policy document for some time, but an Army statement released yesterday said it has now been officially removed, the AP reports. The word was recently discovered as a descriptor for "black" or "African-American" troops in a revised section... More »

'Negro' Wiped From US Census

'Black' or 'African-American' to be used instead

(Newser) - The Census Bureau seems perhaps a few decades late on this, but it has finally decided to stop using the word "Negro" in its surveys. Census forms will replace the current option of "black, African Am., or Negro" with simply "black" or "African-American" beginning next year.... More »

Rush Limbaugh Steps Into 'Negro' Fray

Says, 'It was negroes that brought Ted Kennedy his booze'

(Newser) - The word negro hasn't seen this much action in years, but Rush Limbaugh last night joined Harry Reid in resuscitating the term—with a little speaking ill of the dead thrown in for good measure. Discussing the 2008 presidential campaign on his radio show last night, Limbaugh jumped into the... More »

Reid Apologizes for 'No Negro Dialect' Remark

He gave an unfortunate appraisal of candidate Obama

(Newser) - Harry Reid apologized today for his "poor choice of words" in 2008 when he said candidate Barack Obama had a chance to win because he was "light-skinned" and had "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." Reid made the comments privately, but they're coming... More »

Glenn Beck Calls 'African-American' a 'Bogus' Term

Shock jock offers vocabulary lesson

(Newser) - Glenn Beck doesn’t like the 2010 US Census form one bit, because it allows people to identify themselves as “African-American,” a “bogus, PC, made-up term” that is “not a race.” Speaking on his Fox News show, the host offered his objections to the designation.... More »

'Negro' Box on 2010 Census Raises Ire

Government contends older blacks use the term

(Newser) - Census respondents this year can identify themselves as “black, African-Am. or Negro,” which does not sit well with some black Americans. “It’s a bad vibe word,” a man tells the New York Daily News of the Negro identification. “Doesn’t agree with my heart.... More »

6 Stories