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Medicare to Pay Doctors for End-of-Life Counseling

Will 'death panels' charge emerge again?

(Newser) - Medicare unveiled plans today to begin paying doctors to have conversations with their patients about end-of-life care and how they want to die. Yes, the same idea that got shot down six years ago when Sarah Palin raised a ruckus about "death panels," reports the AP . A post... More »

Dems Quickly Pull Plug on 'Death Panels'

White House reverses course, deletes references to counseling

(Newser) - The end-of-life counseling derided as "death panels" that was originally part of health care reform, then taken out, then put back in , is back out again. For now. The Obama administration has reversed itself and removed references to the counseling from new Medicare regulations that quietly went into effect... More »

Olbermann: My Dad Asked Me to Kill Him

Passionate plea to pols at summit to give Americans health care help

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann made a very personal appeal last night to the pols debating health reform today, speaking for almost 15 minutes about his father’s 6-month medical struggle. “Last Friday night, my father asked me to kill him,” Olbermann began, launching into a recap of the surgeries,... More »

Palin Lashes Death Panels in Hannity Tirade

'I won't back off,' she vows

(Newser) - Sarah Palin yesterday vehemently reiterated her controversial criticism of "death panels" that she is convinced are part of health reform, reports Huffington Post . "If we have our health care paid for by the bureaucracy, depending on our health condition, depending on our age, we're going to be subject... More »

4 Stories