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Oregon Is Too Good at Growing Pot

There's too much of it to go around, and small operations are suffering

(Newser) - There's never been a better time to buy weed in Oregon, or a worse time to be a small grower or dispensary owner. Across the state, marijuana dispensaries have slashed weed prices in half to $700 per pound, or about $4 or $5 per gram, simply to get the... More »

Bob Marley's Son Is Growing Pot in a Prison

Calif. operation will supply medical dispensaries

(Newser) - In another state, Damian Marley's pot farm in a former prison might get him sent to, well, prison. But in California, it's totally irie, man. The youngest son of everyone's favorite stoner, Bob Marley, says he's partnering with Ocean Grown Extracts to turn the former Claremont... More »

Why Calif. Pot Farmers Open Fire on Scientists

In California, marijuana growers are damaging the environment

(Newser) - Think pot growers are kind, environmentally-minded hippies? Not in the so-called Emerald Triangle, a weed-farming region of California where illegal growers are spewing pollution, poisoning wildlife, and scaring scientists away from probing the environmental effects of pot-growing, Mother Jones reports. One wildlife ecologist received threats against his family, and researchers... More »

Pot Growers Join Teamsters Union

It's unclear how unionizing will help though

(Newser) - Medical marijuana growers have officially joined the ranks of organized labor—as part of the Teamsters. Almost 40 growers jointed the labor union earlier this month, the AP reports. All of them work for Marjyn Investments, an Oakland business that contracts out pot growth for patients. Thanks to their newly-negotiated... More »

Police Find 10 Bears Guarding Marijuana Grow-Op

Pot, bears seized from Canadian grower

(Newser) - Canadian police ran into a complication while raiding a marijuana grow-op in British Columbia—10 or so black bears that were guarding the outdoor pot plants. The property contained two houses and a fenced-in growing operation with about a thousand plants, plus the bears, which roamed around outside the fence... More »

Dude Busted for Growing Pot in TV

Georgia man's unorthodox planter gets discovered

(Newser) - Wednesday was not a good day for Warren English: First, sheriff’s deputies came to his Georgia home to evict him, then they found pot growing in his TV. Six plants, to be exact, growing out of the back of a hollowed-out big screen, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Needless to... More »

Cops Bust Pot Grower With Fake Ransom Note

Florida police didn't think it would work, but then again...

(Newser) - Florida police burned an alleged marijuana grower twice, or perhaps thrice, when they confiscated his crop, left a ransom note, and then arrested him when he answered it. A citizen tipped cops to the six large plants growing on a vacant lot. They grabbed them, and hoping for a bit... More »

7 Stories