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Alleged Blackwater Murderers Had Checkered Pasts

Court revelations cast doubt on contractor's hiring practices

(Newser) - A pair of former Blackwater contractors charged with murdering two people in Afghanistan had checkered pasts with the military before getting hired to work overseas, according to service records disclosed in recent court hearings. Their backgrounds are a sign that Xe—formerly known as Blackwater—employed contractors who might not... More »

Blackwater Guards Indicted in Afghan Killings

Contractors face murder charges in Kabul shootings

(Newser) - A Virginia jury has indicted two former Blackwater guards on second-degree murder charges for their actions during confrontation in Kabul last year that left two Afghans dead and another wounded. The men, both employed as trainers by Blackwater subsidiary Paravant, opened fire on a vehicle at an intersection after their... More »

2 Stories