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Chelsea Manning: Military Shouldn't Choose Reporters

An independent board should do it, Manning says

(Newser) - As Iraq apparently erupts into civil war , Chelsea Manning wants us to think about war reporting. Serving a 35-year sentence for revealing classified information, the former Army intelligence analyst recalls in the New York Times how US journalism during the Iraq war was often upbeat compared to the nuanced or... More »

Last 2 Print Reporters Abandon Gingrich

But candidate still vows he'll soldier on to convention

(Newser) - It's a good thing Newt Gingrich didn't like that pesky old mainstream media anyway, because the print media has pulled its last embedded reporters from Gingrich's flailing campaign, reports Politico , which employed one of the last two reporters dedicated to covering the candidate. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was... More »

Troops Glad McChrystal's Gone: Rolling Stone Writer

Reporter 'very surprised' by 'unfireable' general's ouster

(Newser) - The journalist whose Rolling Stone exposé got Stanley McChrystal fired says troops in Afghanistan are thanking him. "Over here, soldiers were happy that he got fired," Michael Hastings, who's embedded in Afghanistan, tells the Huffington Post . "I've had a number of people come up to me, I... More »

Afghan Blast Kills UK Journo, US Marine

Mirror correspondent Rupert Hamer slain, photographer wounded

(Newser) - A roadside bomb blast in southern Afghanistan yesterday killed the Sunday Mirror's defense correspondent and an American Marine. Rupert Hamer, 39, was the first UK journalist killed while covering the war in Afghanistan. "He was a gregarious figure ,a wonderful friend who was hugely popular with his colleagues,"... More »

4 Stories