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Gibson on Beaver: 'I Faked It'

Star comes out of shell a bit at Cannes, but Foster does most talking

(Newser) - A hand puppet has been doing most of the public speaking for Mel Gibson since the release of The Beaver, but the AP notes that the star emerged slightly during the movie's Cannes premiere yesterday. Gibson turned up on the red carpet—after skipping an earlier news conference—and... More »

Would a Therapist Really Prescribe a Puppet?

Yes, but not exactly the way Mel Gibson claims in 'The Beaver'

(Newser) - Are puppets really used for therapy, the way Mel Gibson's character claims to use his in The Beaver? GIbson's character claims the puppet, as prescribed by his therapist, is meant to "create a psychological distance between himself and the negative aspects of his personality," although in... More »

Shockingly, Gibson Not One of Beaver's Many Problems

Jodie Foster directs film about depressed man and his puppet

(Newser) - Jodie Foster directs The Beaver, the story of a seriously depressed man who starts speaking by way of a beaver hand-puppet. The film’s not great, but Mel Gibson is at the top of his game:
  • "There are all kinds of problems with The Beaver. Ironically, Mel Gibson isn'
... More »

Jodie on Mel: People Say Nasty Things When Drunk

'People have struggles in life,' director says

(Newser) - Beaver director Jodie Foster says she has no regrets about casting her old friend Mel Gibson as her co-star, despite the star's headline-grabbing personal life. Foster says she knows moviegoers might be wary of Gibson—who pleaded guilty to domestic abuse last week—but she's willing to defend him. "... More »

Audiences Actually Seemed to Like Mel's Beaver Movie

Critics, not so much

(Newser) - Be honest: When you heard that troubled actor Mel Gibson’s supposed comeback movie was about … a guy who talks to a beaver puppet , you figured it would end up being the final nail in his coffin. But maybe not, based on the response to its SXSW premiere. Some... More »

5 Ways to Market Mel's Next Movie

None of which will work...

(Newser) - Jodie Foster made two mistakes with her latest directorial effort: She named it The Beaver, and she hired Mel Gibson to star in it. Summit Entertainment originally planned to release the movie, about a guy who goes crazy (sound familiar?) and befriends a beaver hand puppet, next year. Now that... More »

Porn Confluence Moves Mag to Change Name

Spam filters often blocked The Beaver ; it'll be Canada's History

(Newser) - Canada’s second-oldest magazine is changing its name after finding itself at an unfortunate intersection with Internet pornography. Like many print publications, history publication The Beaver is struggling to add readers, and its name often leads spam filters and other safeguards to block its content. It will relaunch in April... More »

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