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Haiti's New Ambassador: Sean Penn

Actor will serve as nation's ambassador at large

(Newser) - "Diplomacy" doesn't even make the list of the top million things associated with Sean Penn, but Haiti has gone ahead and named the actor its ambassador at large anyway. Penn, who has long labored for Haitian relief in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake, was offered the... More »

As Time Wanes for Haiti Rescue, Aid Efforts Improve

Ban Ki-moon promises more help from the UN

(Newser) - With time running out for any survivors of last week's earthquake, international search and rescue teams intensified their efforts in Haiti. Three people were rescued yesterday—including a 7-year-old girl who survived for days in a collapsed supermarket—bringing the total number of those pulled alive from the rubble to... More »

Haitian Slams Robertson for Devil Pact Diss

Ambassador tells Rachel Maddow US benefited from Haiti 'devil pact'

(Newser) - So, the Satanic curse that Pat Robertson blames for Haiti's current suffering? The Haitian ambassador to the US begs to point out that Americans might not want to be so quick to join the televangelist in equating the island nation's fight for independence from France to a pact with the... More »

3 Stories