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Survival Guide Advice: Eat This Guide

Land Rover book made of edible materials

(Newser) - If your Land Rover has taken you far off the beaten path, never fear: The automaker now offers its own survival guide. Out of food? Still no need to worry—you can eat the guide itself, Gizmodo reports. Indeed, the guide's front cover begs you to do so. (The... More »

US Vehicles Edge Out Imports in Quality

Ford highest-ranked carmaker overall, Toyota falls

(Newser) - American automakers scored higher marks on quality than their foreign rivals for the first time since the JD Power survey began in 1986, the Detroit Free Press reports. A dozen Ford models ranked in the top three in their segments, making it the highest-ranked automaker overall. Ford's namesake brand ranked... More »

Mileage Be Damned, SUV Remains American Darling

(Newser) - Despite predictions of its demise, the SUV is alive and well at the New York auto show this year, Dan Carney writes for MSNBC. Sure, more fuel-efficient models of classic 4x4s make up the majority of the cars on display, but reports that the gas guzzler is passé, emanating from... More »

Tata Gives Jaguar Cash Infusion

Troubled automaker turns to its Indian owner to help with cash-flow crisis

(Newser) - The British government, considering a bailout of its own auto industry, got a little wiggle room after Tata, the Indian firm that owns Jaguar Land Rover, said it would make a major cash injection into the ailing automaker that employs more than 15,000 workers in Britain. The company said... More »

More Cuts Planned as Ford Shifts Out of Reverse

Investors rally for Mulally as turnaround picks up speed

(Newser) - Ford was in the worst shape of Detroit's Big 3 a couple of years ago but chief executive Alan Mulally's sweeping changes have put the firm back on the road to profitability, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company has slashed jobs, and will likely cut more, and ditched its... More »

Tata's Luxury Buys Tell World 'We're Here'

Jaguar, Land Rover acquisitions add dimension to Indian giant's broad base

(Newser) - Perhaps you’ve never heard of Tata, the Indian company that's the new owner of Jaguar and Land Rover—but it's already a $70 billion globe-straddling giant, the BBC reports, with major subsidiaries in a host of industries. Not content with dominating its fast-growing home market, Tata Motors sells cars... More »

Ford to Sell Jaguar, Land Rover to India's Tata

Restructuring move will bring $2B—less than what company paid for either

(Newser) - Ford will sell marquee brands Jaguar and Land Rover to India's Tata Motors, the Wall Street Journal reports. Under the deal, expected to be announced tomorrow, Ford will get $2 billion, less than it paid for either company in separate deals years ago. Ford has lost $15 billion the past... More »

Ford Turns 1st Quarterly Profit in 2 Years

Automaker thumps expectations, moves into black for 2007

(Newser) - In a surprise turnaround, Ford reported a $750 million quarterly profit today, ending seven quarters in the red by declaring earnings of 31 cents per share. Excluding profits related to the sale of Aston Martin and job cuts, the figure was 13 cents per share ($258 million), Bloomberg reports. Ford... More »

Ford Turnaround Plan Pays Off

(Newser) - A loss is a win for Ford this morning, as the company's shares soared nearly 10% on smaller-than-expected first-quarter losses. Investors see the $282 million net loss—down from $1.4 billion in first quarter 2006—as a sign the company's ambitious turnaround plan is on track. More »

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