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Haitians Seek Hope on Navy's Floating Hospital

USNS Comfort 'seeing infections most people never see in whole career'

(Newser) - The most advanced hospital treating Haitian earthquake victims isn’t actually in Haiti—it’s floating offshore. The USNS Comfort, the flagship of the US relief effort, is currently treating roughly 450 people, and giving hope to thousands more on land. “We can’t save everyone, but we’re... More »

Q&A About Haiti Quake

Questions answered, like why wasn't the Dominican Republic hit?

(Newser) - Confused about why the Haitian earthquake didn't also hit the Dominican Republic or cause a tsunami? Slate provides answers:
  • Why so much destruction? Haiti has no national building codes, and though some follow best practices, inspection is almost nonexistent.
  • Why wasn't the DR affected? It was, but most of the
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2 Stories