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How to Wear $1,000 Sweatpants

Designer sweats are here to stay, whether you like it or not

(Newser) - Designer sweatpants have arrived, with some versions costing nearly $1,000—but not everyone is convinced the notoriously informal attire is a great sartorial choice for anywhere but the gym. The Wall Street Journal is especially skeptical, opening a recent article with the question, “Sweatpants with stilettos?” Um, “... More »

Sweatpants in Public? Not OK

Celebrities are allowing this disturbing trend to grow

(Newser) - It’s one thing for a “pill-addled trainwreck” to be photographed in sweatpants—but now that affable everyman Adam Sandler has been caught wearing a pair of the “home only” garments (and, worse, Ugg slippers) out to brunch, it’s time to be concerned. Sweatpants “are the... More »

2 Stories