Munir Hussain

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Businessman Rips Conviction for Attacking Thief

Dad freed himself, chased armed attacker with cricket bat

(Newser) - A furious British businessman yesterday blasted his conviction for attacking an armed burglar with a bat, even though his 30-month jail term was reduced to 12-months suspended sentence and he got out of jail after just a month. “The justice system has failed us," said Munir Hussain, who... More »

UK Court Frees Dad Jailed for Beating Burglar

He brutally struck man who threatened family, causing brain damage

(Newser) - A UK appeals court today freed Munir Hussain, who had been sent to jail for brutally beating a man who had invaded his home and threatened to his family. The Buckinghamshire businessman returned home with his family one evening to find burglars there; they tied him and his family up... More »

2 Stories