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Pilot's Bathroom Break Forces Landing

Door jammed so he couldn't get back inside cockpit

(Newser) - A sillier reason to ground a plane than a woman singing Whitney Houston songs ? How about the pilot locking himself out of the cockpit? An Air India flight was forced to divert and land after a pilot went for a bathroom break ... and couldn't get back to his... More »

Weird Airplane Security Risk: Pilots' Bathroom Breaks

Cockpit doors are secure, until they get opened

(Newser) - Cockpit doors these days can withstand the mightiest of charges, but they're still vulnerable because of a very human reason: Pilots need to go to the bathroom. That means the door gets opened during flights, and even those brief few seconds are enough for determined hijackers to get inside,... More »

1600 Cockpit Doors May Be Defective

Airlines ordered to repair anti-hijack doors

(Newser) - Doors designed to keep intruders out of aircraft cockpits may be faulty on at least 1,600 commercial jets, according to aviation industry insiders. Authorities in the US and elsewhere have ordered repairs be made to hundreds of Boeing 747s and Airbus A320s in the coming months, sources tell the... More »

3 Stories