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Report Shows What Brought Down This Plane

Pilot mistakenly shut off wrong engine: report

(Newser) - A pilot initially hailed as a hero for maneuvering to avoid buildings seconds before February's TransAsia plane crash in Taiwan accidentally turned off the aircraft's only working engine after the other lost power, Reuters reports. Captain Liao Jian-zong, 41, pulled back on the throttle for the healthy engine,... More »

Indonesia Crash Toll Hits 141; Plane Was Ancient

Air force chief: Some may have flown without permission

(Newser) - The death toll has skyrocketed to 141 after an Indonesian military transport plane slammed into houses and a hotel in Medan yesterday. Though it initially wasn't clear how many people were on board the C-130B Hercules, officials now say it was carrying 122 passengers—including "maybe five to... More »

Dozens Die as Plane Slams Into Neighborhood

At least 30 killed, Indonesian authorities say

(Newser) - At least 30 people were killed when an Indonesian military transport plane smashed into a neighborhood in one of the country's biggest cities today, and that number could go up, officials tell Reuters . The military says at least 12 people were on board the C-130 Hercules, which crashed just... More »

Tragedy and Miracle as Plane Crashes Into Mass. Home

Just misses house of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' author Jeff Kinney

(Newser) - A small Beechcraft BE36 aircraft crashed yesterday into a house in Plainfield, Mass., killing its pilot and two passengers but sparing the family of four inside the house, the Boston Globe reports. FAA officials say the plane had taken off from Pennsylvania's Lancaster Airport and was headed toward Massachusetts'... More »

Crash Stats Suggest Safest Seat for Air Travelers

In the back, in a middle seat

(Newser) - We all have our favorite places to sit on the plane, but what's the safest? Time researchers crunched numbers on 17 accidents going back to 1980, analyzing the section and row position of the passengers. Their answer: The rear of the plane is the safest, and it’s best... More »

Cruise Passengers Killed in Alaska Plane Crash

Float plane found at granite cliff face

(Newser) - All nine people aboard a sightseeing plane died in a crash yesterday in southeast Alaska, authorities say, but stormy weather prevented the immediate recovery of the bodies. "We have nine fatalities," says Clint Johnson, head of the NTSB's Alaska office. Rain and wind forced an end to... More »

Mom, Baby Survive Crash, 4 Days in Jungle

'It's a miracle,' says Colombian Air Force officer

(Newser) - To call it a miracle might be a bit of an understatement: A teen mom and her infant managed to survive a plane crash in Colombia last week—and a subsequent four days in the jungle. Maria Nelly Murillo, 18, was flying from Nuqui to Quibdo with her nearly 1-year-old... More »

Titanic Composer Killed in Plane Crash

James Horner wrote scores for more than 100 films

(Newser) - Oscar-winning film score composer James Horner was killed when his small plane crashed in California yesterday, his assistant has confirmed. "We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart, and unbelievable talent," his assistant wrote on Facebook , per the New York Daily News . "He died doing... More »

Cause of Fatal Plane Crash: Erased Engine Data?

Accidental wipe may have stalled 3 of plane's 4 engines: documents

(Newser) - An investigation into a military plane crash in Spain last month is in the early stages, but investigators already have a theory as to what went wrong: computer data that control the Airbus A400M military carrier's turboprop engines had accidentally been wiped from the system. The files—called "... More »

Baby Rescued on Raft After Bahamas Plane Crash

Infant, 4 other survivors picked up 9 miles southeast of Nassau after Cessna crash

(Newser) - A single-engine Cessna took off at sunset yesterday evening from Crooked Island in the Bahamas, heading toward Nassau. It never made it, crashing into the water, but the five people aboard—including an 8-month-old baby—did make it, floating on a life raft for three hours before being picked up... More »

Plane Crash Victims Were En Route to Graduation

Dad, 2 sons, fiancee, were flying to Ole Miss ceremony

(Newser) - The four people killed in yesterday's plane crash onto an Atlanta interstate were on their way to a loved one's college graduation. And one of them decided to join the trip at the last minute, reports the Asheville Citizen-Times . The victims are pilot Greg Byrd, 53, his sons... More »

4 Dead as Plane Hits Atlanta Interstate

But somehow, nobody on I-285 was injured

(Newser) - All four people aboard a small plane were killed when it crashed on a busy Atlanta interstate this morning, but, amazingly, nobody on the ground was injured. The Piper PA-32 cashed onto I-285 about 10am, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . The victims are identified as three men (Christopher, Phillip, and Greg... More »

Plane That Crashed Was Returning From NCAA Final

7 are dead in Illinois, including 2 athletic staffers from Illinois State University

(Newser) - Seven men who scored seats to last night's NCAA championship game have been identified as the victims of a small-plane crash near Bloomington, Ill. The plane was returning from the game in Indianapolis when it flew into heavy fog about midnight and went down, reports the Chicago Tribune . There... More »

Lubitz Was 'Depressed'? Now, Wait a Second

Homicidal behavior may signify another problem: Anne Skomorowsky

(Newser) - When Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz killed himself and 149 other people, was he depressed or just "depressed"? That distinction is key to grasping his state of mind and helping lonely, difficult, and angry people around the world, writes Anne Skomorowsky at Slate . At the hospital where she practices... More »

DNA of 78 Recovered From Alps Crash Site

Airbus chief blasts media coverage of disaster

(Newser) - Investigators carrying out the grim task of recovering wreckage and human remains from the Germanwings crash say they have not found an intact body—or the flight data recorder. To aid the search, an access road is being built to the remote site in the French Alps, where forensic teams... More »

More Reports That Co-Pilot's Illness Was 'Psychosomatic'

As more details trickle out about the treatment Andreas Lubitz sought

(Newser) - Many of the reports remain unverified or from anonymous sources, but they continue to pile up: The New York Times yesterday reported that Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz sought treatment for an unspecified vision problem that one unnamed investigation official told the Times might have been psychosomatic. A report today from... More »

This Isn't the First 'Suicide by Plane Crash'

Germanwings crash chillingly similar to 2013 crash

(Newser) - It's thankfully very rare for a pilot to decide midflight that it's time for themselves and everybody on board to die, but Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz isn't the first believed to have done so. While the lack of survivors can make such cases hard to confirm, experts... More »

One Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash

In audio, he's heard trying to smash down the door

(Newser) - A seemingly dramatic turn in the investigation of the Germanwings plane crash : Audio reveals that one pilot was locked out of the cockpit before the plane went down and tried desperately to get back inside, reports the New York Times . The other pilot never opened the door, for reasons that... More »

3 Americans Were Killed in French Alps Plane Crash

Including a mother and daughter from Virginia

(Newser) - At least three Americans were aboard the passenger jet that crashed in the French Alps yesterday, including a mother and daughter from Virginia. Those two have been identified as Yvonne Selke, a veteran government contractor who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton in DC, and daughter Emily, a 2013 graduate of... More »

Expert on Germanwings Crash: 'This One Is Weird'

2 Americans believed to have been on board

(Newser) - "German-operated A320s do not crash in the cruise. Not these days. This one is weird," tweeted the safety editor of Flightglobal after the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, and with the investigation of the crash that killed 150 still in the very early stages, other experts seem equally... More »

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