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Indonesia: AirAsia Plane Climbed Like Fighter Jet

It was rising 6K feet per minute, which passenger jets aren't built to do

(Newser) - Initial speculation about what doomed an AirAsia jet appears to have been on the mark: It climbed way too fast and stalled, reports the BBC . Indonesia's transportation minister told parliament today that Flight 8501 was climbing at 6,000 feet per minute before the engines died, which he quickly... More »

Fuselage of AirAsia Plane Discovered

Many victims believed to be inside; photos of plane posted on Facebook

(Newser) - More than two weeks after AirAsia lost contact with Flight 8501 , the plane's fuselage has been found in the Java Sea, the BBC reports. Photos of the body of the plane, taken by a search robot, were posted on the Singaporean defense minister's Facebook page. The company's... More »

Divers Retrieve 2nd AirAsia Black Box

Cockpit voice recorder freed from wreckage

(Newser) - Divers have retrieved the crashed AirAsia plane's second black box from the bottom of the Java Sea, giving investigators the essential tools they need to start piecing together what brought Flight 8501 down. An Indonesian Transportation Ministry official says the trapped cockpit voice recorder was freed from beneath the... More »

AirAsia Black Box Recovered

Divers working to free 2nd recorder from wreckage

(Newser) - Divers retrieved one black box today and located the other from the AirAsia plane that crashed more than two weeks ago, a key development that should help investigators unravel what caused the aircraft to plummet into the Java Sea. The cockpit voice recorder was found hours after officials announced that... More »

Divers Raise Tail Section of AirAsia Plane

But no black boxes were inside

(Newser) - A tail section from the AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea late last month became the first major wreckage lifted off the ocean floor today, but the all-important black boxes were not found inside. The red metal chunk, with the words "AirAsia" clearly visible across it, was... More »

Skydivers Cheat Death With Early Jump

13 escape just moments before plane crashes into lake

(Newser) - They went out to skydive for fun and ended up leaping for their lives. The pilot and all 12 skydivers on a light plane escaped without serious injury after the aircraft suffered engine failure and crashed into a lake in New Zealand today, the BBC reports. Officials say the plane... More »

Officer: 'Divine Intervention' in Case of Crash Survivor

Teen's mom mourns 'best friend' killed in plane crash

(Newser) - The 7-year-old sole survivor of a Kentucky plane crash is a "remarkable young lady" who could provide vital clues to what brought down the small aircraft, National Transportation Safety Board investigators say. Sailor Gutzler, who trekked three-quarters of a mile for help after the crash that killed her parents... More »

Quarter of AirAsia Victims From Same Church

Official says jet's tail section has been found

(Newser) - The crash of AirAsia Flight 8501 took a very heavy toll on the Christian minority in Surabaya, Indonesia, with more than a quarter of the 162 presumed dead belonging to the same church congregation. Around 41 members of the Mawar Sharon church were on the plane, and another 10 passengers... More »

3 Bodies Found as Weather Blocks AirAsia Search

Fresh set of woes hits airline

(Newser) - Rough weather again prevented searchers from reaching a large object on the ocean floor believed to be the fuselage of the AirAsia plane that crashed a week ago. Rolling seas stirred up silt and mud, leaving divers with zero visibility, said the chief of Indonesia's National Search and Rescue... More »

Plane Crash's Lone Survivor, 7, Had Only Her 'Own Will to Live'

Sailor Gutzler 'done a hell of a job' in hiking barefoot from wreck

(Newser) - The 7-year-old child who walked away from a plane crash that killed four members of her family has been released from the hospital with a broken wrist and cuts and scratches, but Kentucky officials are amazed by the scope of her toughness. "She literally fell out of the sky... More »

4 Big Pieces of Plane Found in AirAsia Search

But divers haven't been able to reach them yet

(Newser) - Search teams in Indonesia may have found the main fuselage of the AirAsia plane where most of the remaining victims and the plane's black boxes are expected to be. Authorities found "four big parts of the plane we're looking for," says the official in charge of... More »

Girl, 7, Walks Away From Plane Crash That Kills 4

She made it to a home in Kentucky, where she asked for help

(Newser) - A 7-year-old girl survived the crash of a small plane in Kentucky that killed the other four people on board, and she managed to walk to a nearby home for help, say police. Police haven't identified her or her relationship to those killed, but the resident of the home... More »

AirAsia Victims Found Strapped in Seats

International team on scene to look for wreckage, black boxes

(Newser) - Though bad weather has been keeping divers from searching for the wreck of AirAsia Flight 8501, the head of Indonesia's National Search and Rescue Agency says "we will focus on underwater detection": An international team outfitted with acoustic equipment arrived today to help search for the black boxes... More »

First AirAsia Crash Victim IDed, Buried

9 bodies have been found so far

(Newser) - A passenger aboard AirAsia Flight 8501 became the first victim of the crash to be returned to her family today, one of many painful reunions to come, as search crews struggled against wind and heavy rain to find more than 150 people still missing. Hayati Lutfiah Hamid's identity was... More »

Data Suggest Plane Climbed Too High, Too Fast

But investigation of AirAsia crash is still in early stages

(Newser) - The investigation into why AirAsia crashed is just getting underway, but Reuters reports that a leading theory based on radar data is emerging: The plane climbed too high, too quickly in a bid to avoid storm clouds, then stalled and went down into the Java Sea. It quotes an anonymous... More »

Sonar Spots AirAsia Wreckage on Seafloor

As bad weather sends wreckage drifting up to 30 miles

(Newser) - A day after debris was first spotted, Indonesian searchers have confirmed that sonar equipment has detected wreckage from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 at the bottom of the sea—though whether the plane is in one piece or broken up remains to be seen, reports CNN . The wreckage was found between 60... More »

Smoke Spotted in Hunt for AirAsia Plane

US Navy assigns USS Sampson to join the search

(Newser) - Indonesia has sent out two Cessna jets to investigate reports of smoke coming from an island near where AirAsia Flight 8501 may have crashed, CBS News reports. The smoke was spotted at Belitung Island, notes TVNZ , one of two islands bordering a shipping channel where the flight vanished over shallow... More »

Official: AirAsia Jet 'Probably at Bottom of Sea'

Flight 8501's request to change altitude was denied

(Newser) - The search has resumed for missing AirAsia Flight 8501, but there appears to be no hope of anything but a tragic outcome. "Based on the coordinates given to us and evaluation that the estimated crash position is in the sea, the hypothesis is the plane is at the bottom... More »

Family of 10 Missed Doomed Flight by Minutes

26 people with tickets didn't board Flight 8501

(Newser) - Some 162 passengers and crew are missing and presumed lost on AirAsia Flight 8501 , but the total would be a lot higher if the airline hadn't changed the departure time to two hours earlier than originally scheduled. Christianawati was one of 10 members of an extended family—including her... More »

How Missing AirAsia Flight Differs From MH370

Experts believe disappearance just a tragic coincidence

(Newser) - The disappearance of another jet in Southeast Asia while the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 remains a mystery comes as a shock to the aviation world, but experts stress that the two cases are very different. The New York Times runs through some of the differences with AirAsia Flight... More »

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