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Toad-Hunting Boy Hit by Golf Club, Killed

The 13-year-old immediately went into cardiac arrest

(Newser) - The poisonous cane toad has plagued Australia for the past several years, and while authorities recommend getting rid of the pests as humanely as possibly, i.e. by placing them in refrigerators and then freezers, kids sometimes go hunting for them with golf clubs. Such was the context when tragedy... More »

Aussies Bicker Over How to Murder Toads

State would prefer folks bludgeon, not suffocate invasive species

(Newser) - Residents of Western Australia, Oz’s largest state, are incensed by a government mandate that might seem odd to those in, say, Kansas: When engaged in the mass killing of cane toads, use the cricket bat instead of the bag of carbon dioxide. Aussies have long made a sport of... More »

2 Stories