Chris Matthews forgot he was black

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Jon Stewart Mocks Chris Matthews

'Forgot he was black'? He must have also forgotten about his mic

(Newser) - The moment the words were out of his mouth, Chris Matthews must have known he was bait for Jon Stewart, who last night on the Daily Show couldn't resist calling Matthews—who also "might have forgotten you're miked"—“one scotch away from being Ron Burgundy.” He... More »

'I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White'

His comments about Obama underscore a bigger problem

(Newser) - Chris Matthews' unfortunate attempt at praise for President Obama—"I forgot he was black tonight"—prompts Ta-Nehisi Coates to ask white people to please stop saying things like that. In an Atlantic blog headlined "I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White," Coates maintains that such statements... More »

Chris Matthews: 'I Forgot Obama Was Black'

MSNBC host slammed for State of the Union gaffe

(Newser) - Chris Matthews is taking heat for a gaffe on live TV after President Obama's State of the Union address last night. The Hardball host told Keith Olbermann that he "forgot the president was black." The remark came while Matthews was discussing race and the presidency, and the line... More »

3 Stories