Obama State of the Union 2010

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Chief Justice Rips Obama's 'Very Troubling' Court Rebuke

Roberts irked by 'pep-rally' mood at State of the Union

(Newser) - Chief Justice John Roberts says it's "very troubling" that President Obama criticized a Supreme Court decision amid a "pep-rally" atmosphere at his State of the Union address. Obama said in the speech that the decision to allow corporations to spend freely on campaign ads "opened the floodgates... More »

Clarence Thomas: State of the Union 'Too Partisan'

Justice makes a point of skipping them

(Newser) - Clarence Thomas says he skips State of the Union addresses—including President Obama’s last week—“because it has become so partisan,” he told a Florida law school this week. “It’s very uncomfortable for a judge to sit there,” he said. “There’s a... More »

Obama Invites GOP to Policy Sessions, Super Bowl

President moves to engage Republicans

(Newser) - In a move to show voters that President Obama works across partisan lines—and to draw attention to Republican policy proposals—the White House is testing the waters of GOP outreach. The president is not only inviting Republicans to bipartisan policy brainstorming sessions as promised in last week's State of... More »

Eric Cantor Scoffs at Call for Bipartisanship

Va. rep dismisses Obama's 'lecturing' State of the Union

(Newser) - Eric Cantor was annoyed by the “rhetoric and lecturing” in President Obama's State of the Union address, and he doesn’t have high hopes for today’s sit-down with GOP leaders, the first of what Obama promised would be monthly meetings. The president has called for bipartisanship before, the... More »

Obama Turns Into a 'Deficit Peacock'

His gimmicky idea to cut spending doesn't bode well for the nation

(Newser) - President Obama's gimmicky idea to keep the budget in check by freezing non-defense spending shows he's fallen into the "deficit peacock" camp, writes Paul Krugman. The camp abounds with politicians who support superficial—but politically popular—methods to present the illusion of fiscal discipline. It won't work, and "... More »

Obama Should Be the 'Saner Ross Perot'

Become the permanent outsider and fix the deficit, Mr. President

(Newser) - Somewhere out there lurks a “saner, updated version of Ross Perot,” ready to swoop in and ride the public’s growing dissatisfaction with all things Washington. He’ll rail against the mounting deficits, and the Republicans and Democrats who let them mount. Well, Barack Obama, “you can... More »

Jon Stewart Mocks Chris Matthews

'Forgot he was black'? He must have also forgotten about his mic

(Newser) - The moment the words were out of his mouth, Chris Matthews must have known he was bait for Jon Stewart, who last night on the Daily Show couldn't resist calling Matthews—who also "might have forgotten you're miked"—“one scotch away from being Ron Burgundy.” He... More »

'I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White'

His comments about Obama underscore a bigger problem

(Newser) - Chris Matthews' unfortunate attempt at praise for President Obama—"I forgot he was black tonight"—prompts Ta-Nehisi Coates to ask white people to please stop saying things like that. In an Atlantic blog headlined "I Just Remembered Chris Matthews Was White," Coates maintains that such statements... More »

Alito vs. Obama: Opposing Views

Which one breached protocol? Depends whom you ask

(Newser) - Justice Samuel Alito's critical reaction during last night's State of the Union speech is still making waves:
  • Shannen Coffin, National Review : "That Justice Alito betrayed his feelings in a minor way is understandable. ... In his preening, Obama flatly misrepresented the ruling" and showed an "utter lack of tact.
... More »

Pundits Rate the State of the Union

Obama puts up his dukes in feisty speech

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s first State of the Union Address naturally has all the pundits talking. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • “It was a terrific performance,” writes Joe Klein of Time . “He seemed to be having fun up there,” ad-libbing and needling the “recalcitrant elephants
... More »

State of the President: 'Tough, Undaunted'

'Fire-breathing' Obama was impressive, writes Tom Shales

(Newser) - It wasn't quite "No More Mr. Nice Obama," but America did see a tougher President Obama than usual in last night's speech, writes Tom Shales. The president was "breathing fire" before the House and Senate members, acknowledging mistakes and disappointments over the last year, but refusing to... More »

National Security Took Backseat in State of Union

Address light on foreign policy as Obama focuses on 'wounded' US

(Newser) - President Obama spent just 9 minutes of last night's speech on the subject of America's relations with the rest of the world. He warned Iran over its nuclear program and spoke of China as an economic threat, but made no mention of Middle East peace talks or the row with... More »

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