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New Charges Filed Against KSM

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, four others charged again

(Newser) - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, and four alleged co-conspirators face new conspiracy and murder charges filed today by US military prosecutors. All five defendants were originally charged during George W. Bush’s presidency, but those charges were dropped when President Obama attempted to move the trials... More »

9/11 Mastermind Gets Gitmo Military Trial

Obama turns back on pledge to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in civilian court

(Newser) - Khalid Sheikh Mohammad will be tried by a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, rather than the civilian court President Obama has long advocated, sources tell CBS News . Eric Holder will announce this new plan soon. Previously, Holder had put forward a plan to try the confessed 9/11 mastermind in New... More »

DC Consensus: Obama Should've Listened to Rahm

As big ticket failures abound, Emanuel's practicality could have helped

(Newser) - From health care reform to unemployment to Guantanamo Bay, many Washington insiders think President Obama would be much better off today had he listened to his brash-but-practical chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. Top staffers like David Axelrod have a “strong view of the historic character Obama is supposed to... More »

Obama Will Help Choose 9/11 Trial Venue

President steps in after Manhattan choice sparks backlash

(Newser) - President Obama will help choose the location of the trial of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-accused, according to administration officials. The move indicates an awareness that the White House mishandled the process in placing the decision in Attorney General Eric Holder's hands, notes the Washington Post... More »

Don't Close Gitmo Just for Symbolism

Detention center is ugly but necessary, writes Michael Gerson

(Newser) - Guantanamo Bay is an ugly place to Americans and the rest of the world but there's no point in closing it just for the sake of symbolism, writes Michael Gerson. George Bush decided against closing it because of the problem of what to do with the detainees. President Obama opted... More »

Look Who Says Bush Was Right on Terror

Obama invokes Bush policies as defense in Couric interview

(Newser) - President Obama rolled out a surprising line of defense when Katie Couric quizzed him about civilian trials for terrorists in an interview Sunday, writes William McGurn. "We're not handling any of these cases any different than the Bush administration handled them all through 9/11," Obama insisted. Invoking Bush... More »

Underwear Bomber's Treatment a Travesty

Detroit suspect read Miranda rights without counter-terror chiefs' approval

(Newser) - Charles Krauthammer finds the Obama administration's handling of accused bomb plotter Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab more scandalous with every new bit of information that emerges. The Justice Department decided to read the underwear bomber his Miranda rights after just 50 minutes of questioning and they didn't consult with the heads of... More »

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