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Starbucks' New Venture: Greek Yogurt

It plans to sell it in its own stores, supermarkets

(Newser) - If the booming sales weren't enough to convince you that Greek yogurt is a thing, try this: Starbucks wants in. The company plans to start selling the yogurt in its stores next spring, and then start stocking supermarket shelves around the country after that, reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

Danone Swallows Up Numico

Paris-based company spits up $16.8B for big-boy serving of baby food market

(Newser) - French food corp Groupe Danone put in a $16.8B cash offer to buy baby food magnate Royal Numico—at just under $75 a share, a 38% premium over last week's closing price. The acquisition will make Danone an industry leader in the baby food market and should be finalized... More »

Kraft Goes Cookie Shopping in France

American snack giant bids $7.2B for Danone's biscuit division

(Newser) - Kraft moved to elevate its international profile today with a $7.2 billion for Danone's biscuit division, setting up a deal that would make the Oreo manufacturer Europe's largest cookie maker. The polyglot alliance of Ritz crackers and Petit Ecolier biscuits faces numerous obstacles, the Times of London reports, including... More »

3 Stories