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WVU Puts Frats on Ice After 'Catastrophic Emergency'

Sororities, too, after Nolan Michael Burch found unconscious

(Newser) - Two fraternity incidents in less than two weeks spurred West Virginia University to take rather drastic action yesterday: It suspended all frat and sorority activities. The moratorium was imposed after 18-year-old Nolan Michael Burch was found by police unconscious and not breathing Wednesday evening at the Kappa Sigma house; an... More »

USC Students Stage Protest Over Sexist Frat Email

Outraged over alleged Kappa Sigma diatribe

(Newser) - Almost a month after a sexist email surfaced advising "cocksmen" on the rites of pursuing "targets," dozens of USC students stalked out of class and staged a boisterous protest. The email is believed to have been penned by a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, and has... More »

USC Frat Email: Women Are 'Targets,' Not Actual People

National fraternity probing 'appalling' note

(Newser) - A fraternity email from a member of USC's Kappa Sigma chapter details how to be an effective "cocksman" and breach a woman's "pie"—vagina—or "gullet"—mouth and throat. "I will refer to females as 'targets," notes the author in his missive to... More »

Texas Frat Boy Branded by 'Brothers'

Kappa Sigma member says he only gave consent for 1 butt cheek

(Newser) - A Texan fraternity is being investigated after members had too many beers and treated a fraternity brother like a steer—by branding him with Greek letters. Texas Christian University student Amos Carter IV suffered second- and third-degree burns when his Kappa Sigma brothers used a red-hot coat hanger on his... More »

4 Stories