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Scotland to US: C'mon, Take Our Haggis

Scots push end to ban on delicacy made from sheep's lungs, liver, heart

(Newser) - The Scottish government wants you to be able to enjoy a delightful mixture of sheep organs in the comforts of your American home: It's urging the US to lift a 40-year-old ban on haggis imports. The sale of sheep's lungs, a vital part of the national dish, has been banned... More »

US Haggis Hopes Half-Baked

USDA not about to repeal ban on Scottish concoction

(Newser) - For those Americans who woke up this morning craving a mish-mash of heart, lung, fat, and liver baked in a sheep's stomach with special spices, well, your life is still a gaping chasm of unfulfilled need. NPR reports that the USDA isn't about to overturn its 21-year-old ban on the... More »

2 Stories