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Why You Should Start Buying CDs Again

It's often cheaper than buying MP3s—even if it comes with MP3s: Brian Barrett

(Newser) - Brian Barrett wanted to listen to Taylor Swift's new album, and as you may have heard, it's not available on Spotify . So he bought it—in actual CD form, something he hadn't done since 2006. He explains why on Gizmodo : Amazon was selling 1989 as an MP3... More »

CDs Are Dying— And So Is Our Data

NPR: Miracle of the 1990s not lasting as long as we thought

(Newser) - Remember those shiny discs that played music before your iPod came along? Well, future generations may miss out on the classic '90s tunes they hold—and a whole lot more. It turns out CDs are literally rotting away, especially those stored in boxes where, "by increasing the relative... More »

New DVD Designed to Last 1,000 Years

Data on M-Disk can endure sunlight and extreme heat, company says

(Newser) - Are you hoping that future generations will watch fine modern fare like Mars Needs Moms a thousand years from now, on DVDs that can endure 932 degrees Fahrenheit? You're in luck, thanks to Millenniata, a company that has created the M-Disk—a DVD that stores data on synthetic material... More »

Ford Dumping Car CD Players

New Focus models will offer digital options instead

(Newser) - Consumers have already started ditching CDs for digital music , and now the auto industry may be catching up. Ford is planning to scrap CD players in its new models, the Daily Mail reports. In the newest Focus model, a USB plug will allow drivers to use their digital music players.... More »

GE Launches Disc That Stores 500GB

(Newser) - General Electric has announced a new DVD-sized disc that holds 500 gigabytes of data—the equivalent of 20 Blu-Ray discs or 100 DVDs. Aimed at archivists but likely headed for the consumer market, the micro-holographic disc saves more data by storing it in three dimensions rather than on the disc's... More »

The CD Turns 25

Wired salutes the 'obsolete form of optical media,' which turns 25 today

(Newser) - The compact disc, which Wired calls an "obsolete form of optical media," has been spinning for 25 years today, according to a press release from Philips. The first disk, a recording of ABBA’s “The Visitors,” was produced in Hanover, Germany in 1982. A stunning 200... More »

CD Sales Drop 20%

(Newser) - CD sales plunged more than 20% in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year, and online music sales didn't come close to making up the difference. Closing stores, weak albums, and over a billion songs shared illegally every month combined to deliver the sharpest... More »

7 Stories