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3 Boys Make Ancient Find on Spring Break

They discovered mastodon jawbone on family land

(Newser) - Three boys have found a part of a mastodon jawbone while exploring family property in Mississippi. The Vicksburg Post reports that two brothers and a cousin made the discovery on plowed land near Bovina, a small community east of the Mississippi River. The three were on spring break from school... More »

Meet the World's Oldest Known Righty

Telltale scratches on teeth go back nearly 2M years

(Newser) - A lot has changed over 1.8 million years, but perhaps not the tendency of hominids to favor their right hand. An upper jawbone belonging to a human relative who lived in what is now Tanzania almost 2 million years ago has been discovered with scratches on its still-intact teeth,... More »

Jawbone Lifts Lid on Human-Neanderthal Sex

Shows interbreeding occurred in Europe 37K to 42K years ago

(Newser) - A jawbone found in Romania more than a decade ago provides the first genetic evidence that humans and Neanderthals knocked boots in Europe before the latter disappeared between 35,000 and 40,000 years ago. Scientists who came across the bone of one of the earliest modern humans in Europe... More »

Jawbone Rewrites 'Dawn of Man' Timeline

It pushes back start of 'Homo' genus by 400K years

(Newser) - It's just a small piece of a jawbone with five teeth, but its discovery in Ethiopia is changing the timeline of human origins. Researchers say the bone is from an individual who lived 2.8 million years ago and belonged to the genus Homo, the lineage from which modern... More »

Shark Jaw Found in Kentucky Mine

It's from a shark comparable to a great white, experts say

(Newser) - A large 300-million-year-old shark jawbone was discovered in February in a place you might not expect: a Kentucky mine. Jay Wright was 700 feet underground, adding supports to a roof in the Dotiki Mine, when a rock fell and he saw "a bunch of teeth" above him. He pulled... More »

Jawbone Does Not Belong to Natalee Holloway

Analysis based on detail records is complete

(Newser) - The mystery continues. A jawbone with a tooth recently found on a beach does not belong to missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway, says the prosecutor's office in Aruba. The agency says that an analysis based on dental records rules out that the bone fragment came from her. Officials did say... More »

Sea Monster Makes T-Rex Look Wimpy

50-ft Jurassic creature had crushing jaws

(Newser) - A fossil sea monster dug up last year had a bite far more crushing than T-Rex’s, scientists in Norway have found. The jaws of the 50-foot Jurassic reptile, known as "Predator X," carried a force of 33,000 pounds per square inch, 10 times more than that... More »

Bluetooth Gets a Makeover

Walter Mossberg reviews Aliph and Plantronics new offerings

(Newser) - As more states push “hands-free” rules on drivers, ridiculous-looking wireless headsets only get more common. But two firms, Aliph and Plantronics, are attempting to address that. While the Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg finds the “jewelry-esque” makeover of both models pleasing, it’s the functionality of Aliph’... More »

New Fossil Rocks Human History

Indicates man settled in Europe far earlier than thought

(Newser) - An incredibly old jawbone discovered in a Spanish cave could rewrite human history, scientists say. The bone with teeth is 1.2 million years old and belongs to a long-extinct human ancestor called Homo antecessor. It's at least 300,000 years older than any other human fossil found in Europe.... More »

Fossil Proves We're All African

Moroccan find sets human origins back 100,000 years

(Newser) - An ancient jawbone found in Morocco suggests that modern human ancestry emerged 100,000 years earlier than previously believed—and in Africa, rather than Europe. Until now, scientists believed that modern humans didn't emerge until 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. But the Moroccan bone is 160,000 years... More »

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