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Third of Hawaii Albatross Colony Is 'Lesbian'

Female couples incubate eggs, raise chicks

(Newser) - The good news is that mates in a famous Hawaiian albatross colony are faithful for life. The more interesting news is that one third of those couples are female only. "They were supposed to be icons of monogamy. But I wouldn't assume that what you're looking at is a... More »

'Lesbian' Albatrosses Raising Baby

Father is out of the picture, but baby is doing fine

(Newser) - Two female partners recruited a sperm donor and are now successfully raising a baby together—but no, they're not witnesses in the recent Prop 8 trial—they're not even human. The ladies are a pair of royal albatrosses living in a New Zealand breeding colony, and a head ranger calls... More »

2 Stories