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Jaywalk Here, and Prepare to Be Publicly Shamed

China street screens broadcast not just photos but the person's ID, home address

(Newser) - Jaywalkers take heed: If you do it in parts of China, you could be in for the shaming of your life. Authorities have installed a new device called the "Electronic Police" at intersections in cities in four provinces. Not only does it detect when people are jaywalking, but it... More »

Ariz. Now Tweet-Shaming 'Loser' Deadbeat Dads

Account to post photos, names of 421 parents

(Newser) - Sure, Twitter is great for debating Making a Murderer theories, but now it's also facilitating the state-sanctioned shaming of "deadbeat dads" into paying child support. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced Monday that the state would begin posting photos and names of "losers" who owe child support, using... More »

Experts: Dogs Feel No Shame

'Guilty dog look' is reaction to anger

(Newser) - Every dog owner knows the "guilty dog" look that has made sites like a hit, but animal behavior experts say the pooches don't really feel ashamed at all, the AP finds. Researchers have found that the droopy-eyed, cowering look dogs give angry owners is a reaction... More »

Fatal Driver's Sentence: 15 Years of Letter Writing

'Creative sentencing' is new legal trend

(Newser) - A Florida driver who was convicted of killing an Iraq-war veteran in a car accident won't be spending any time in jail. Instead, the 22-year-old Andrew Gaudioso will have to send a postcard to the victim's family every week for 15 years, the Orlando Sentinel reports. "He said he... More »

Corporate America Has No Shame

Today's mantra: Don't blame us, blame the government

(Newser) - Corporate America has "lost its sense of shame," writes Dana Milbank. Exhibit A is Don Blankenship of coal giant Massey Energy, who complained that federal regulations make it hard for companies to "pursue their careers, or their happiness." Aw, "poor CEO Blankenship," writes Milbank... More »

PSAs Drive Bingers to Drink More: Study

Drinkers already feel guilty; ads make them feel worse

(Newser) - The shaming quality of public-service announcements aimed at curbing binge drinking actually pushes such drinkers to imbibe more. And, a study finds, the spots are often so guilt-inducing that they can push someone feeling bad about some other malfeasance—cheating, say—to drink. One of the researchers suggests a different... More »

Obama Must Use 'Shame,' GOP's 'Sketchy Bladders'

Democrats should make GOP pay for being obstructionists

(Newser) - With bipartisanship dead and Republicans in love with the filibuster, Barack Obama has few weapons. Marc Ambinder surveys the landscape and comes up with a measly two—shame and the "sketchy bladders" of old white Republicans. First, Obama must "shame Republicans. Increase the costs of not doing business"... More »

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