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Limbaugh 'Retard' Rant 'Crude And Demeaning': Palin

... but doesn't call for firing, as with Rahm Emanuel

(Newser) - Sarah Palin proved today to be a defender of political correctness no matter which side of aisle the assault comes from, ripping Rush Limbaugh for his use of “ retard .” However, while the former Alaska governor, and mother of a special-needs child, “believes crude and demeaning name calling... More »

Rush Is With Rahm on Lefty 'Retards'

Blames 'political correct society' for overblown reaction

(Newser) - In a rare move today, conservative megaphone Rush Limbaugh agreed with Rahm Emanuel on something—though the confluence might not please Sarah Palin. The former vice-presidential nominee wants the White House chief of staff fired for using “retarded” in derogatory fashion, but Limbaugh said on his radio show today... More »

2 Stories