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Skarsgard Is Hot, Tarzan Is Not

Flick is dull and 'dispirited,' say critics

(Newser) - Tarzan is invited back to the Congo, where a Belgian captain hopes to serve him to his enemy on a silver platter. Critics, who've given The Legend of Tarzan a 32% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes , argue it's as tangled as jungle vines. Here's what they're... More »

Cheetah the Chimp Dead at 80

Famous chimp was once thought to have been Tarzan's sidekick

(Newser) - America's most famous chimp has died of liver failure at a primate sanctuary in Florida. Cheetah was once believed to have starred alongside Johnny Weissmuller in the '30s Tarzan movies. But an author hired to write his "autobiography" debunked most of the famous chimp's life story... More »

Racist Email About First Lady Stings Tenn. Exec

Hospitality official forwards comparison of Michelle Obama and chimp

(Newser) - A Tennessee tourism executive is backtracking after forwarding an email that compared Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee. Tennessee Hospitality Association CEO Walt Baker has apologized to "anyone who is offended by this action" and "the people of Tennessee, and to anybody that has either seen or been affected... More »

Avatar Racist? They're Aliens, Not Black

Donna Britt sees Cameron flick as an 'indictment of intolerance'

(Newser) - For all those who crow that Avatar is racist, a simple fact “bears repeating,” Donna Britt writes. “The Na'vi are aliens. Not black.” Far from being racist, the “movie is an indictment of intolerance,” intended to “portray the ugliness of technologically advanced cultures... More »

4 Stories