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Incredibly Rare Pocket Shark Caught in Gulf

Only previous catch was 36 years ago

(Newser) - Scientists know very little about the pocket shark—they're not even sure what it keeps in its pockets—but a Gulf of Mexico catch has doubled the number of known specimens. At 5.5 inches, the species is small enough to fit in your pocket, the National Oceanic and... More »

Why the World Will See More Shark Bites

More people means more encounters: researchers

(Newser) - Shark attacks like the one that killed a young surfer on Sunday are rare, but according to experts, they're only going to increase in number. In fact, the rate of "unprovoked" shark attacks has been steadily rising for the last century. No, sharks aren't developing a particular... More »

Frilled Shark With 300 Teeth Caught Off Australia

It's described as a 'living fossil'

(Newser) - Fishermen off the coast of Australia were startled to haul in something none of them had ever seen before: a rare species of "living fossil" shark virtually unchanged since before dinosaurs went extinct. The frilled shark they caught was around 5 feet long, almost as big as they get,... More »

Shark Drags Surfer Under at California Beach

Man's injuries aren't life-threatening

(Newser) - A surfer was hospitalized after a shark pulled him underwater in California. Witnesses at Montaña de Oro State Park say the victim was one Kevin Swanson, 50; the attacker, according to a park ranger, was an 8- to 10-foot juvenile shark, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. "It... More »

Shark Photobombs Surfing Contest

'Nobody was rattled,' competition resumed

(Newser) - A jumping shark has photobombed a surfing competition off an Australian beach. Amateur photographer Steph Bellamy captured the image of the shark with her smartphone last Sunday as she was photographing mothers and their children paddling on their surfboards off a beach in the New South Wales state town of... More »

Fishermen Find Human Head —Inside Shark

Philippines find could have been ferry passenger's remains

(Newser) - The shark weighed some 650 pounds, but it's what was inside that was disturbingly memorable: a human head and leg. Fishermen in the Philippines caught the tiger shark last month, and when they opened it, they discovered the human remains, UPI reports. The flesh was only partly digested. "... More »

Whales Got So Big After Super-Sized Shark Died Out

Megalodon died out 2.6M years ago, scientists estimate

(Newser) - Great white sharks have nothing on the ancient megalodon, which grew up to 50 feet in length and sported teeth as long as 7 inches. And now scientists have their firmest timeframe yet for when the creature went extinct. Scientists at the University of Florida in Gainesville report this week... More »

Australia to End Shark Cull Program

No more baited hooks, but government will still go after 'rogue' sharks

(Newser) - Authorities in Western Australia are scrapping their controversial shark-cull program, reports the BBC . The idea was to catch sharks using baited hooks on drum lines in order to keep beaches safe, but a review by the government's Environmental Protection Authority found little evidence that it worked. In a test... More »

Shark Kills Aussie Swimmer

Study finds attack victims almost always male

(Newser) - Despite what police say was the "extraordinary bravery" of a beachgoer, a 50-year-old man was killed in a shark attack in Byron Bay in eastern Australia today. The man's wife was watching from the shore as he was attacked and received severe leg injuries, reports the BBC . "... More »

Shark Bites Boy— in Louisiana Lake

Lake Pontchartrain is actually an estuary connected to Gulf of Mexico

(Newser) - A screaming 7-year-old boy was pulled from Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana last week, his left foot oozing blood. It wasn't until he calmed down enough to stop screaming that he managed to explain that something had hit and then charged him in the water, biting so hard he had... More »

New Tactic Cuts Shark Attacks, Saves Sharks

In Brazil, dangerous ones are relocated to deep waters

(Newser) - Researchers in Brazil say they've found a way to curb shark attacks without culling sharks—which, if true, is good news for conservationists who oppose lethal means of controlling sharks in South Africa and Australia, LiveScience reports. The Brazilian program was tried off and on for nearly 10 years... More »

World's Biggest Sharks Find a New Home

Whale sharks move near Azore Islands, likely due to climate change

(Newser) - Those hoping to avoid the world's biggest sharks would do well to stay away from Portugal's Azore Islands. That's where whale sharks—the biggest fish in the sea—are making a new home, likely due to climate change, a study finds. The creatures have a very specific... More »

'Mystery Monster' Eats Great White Shark

Researchers baffled when 9-foot shark gets gobbled up

(Newser) - What wolfs down a 9-foot great white shark like a steak dinner? That's what plagued researchers who had tagged a great white in Australia and found the tag washed up on a nearby beach four months later, Australia's News Network reports. Tag data showed a sudden 1,902-foot... More »

Virgin Islands Is Now Safe Haven for Sharks

Territorial waters declared a sanctuary

(Newser) - The British Virgin Islands declared its territorial waters a sanctuary for all shark species today to help protect the marine predators whose global numbers have been dramatically dwindling. Specifically, the archipelago of roughly 60 small islands, cays, and islets banned commercial fishing of all shark species in the 30,933... More »

Shark Takes 'Chunk' Out of Florida Woman's Leg

Victim said to be doing fine after day at the beach

(Newser) - A 38-year-old woman's day at a Florida beach came to a painful end yesterday morning, when a shark bit off a "chunk" out of her calf. reports the unnamed woman was body boarding with her brother at Melbourne Beach while her two kids played onshore when... More »

Remarkable Find: an Underwater 'Graveyard'

Science gets its first view of giant sharks and rays being devoured

(Newser) - Marine biologists have gotten a grisly treat courtesy of remotely operated vehicles surveying the seafloor off Angola for the oil and gas industry: For the first time, the carcasses of large fish—a whale shark and three mobulid rays—and the feeding frenzy they create have been filmed. The researchers... More »

Another Rare Shark Is Caught

Megamouth is landed in Japan

(Newser) - First came the strange-looking goblin shark caught off the Florida Keys. Now comes another exceedingly rare creature from the deep: a megamouth shark caught in Japanese waters, reports the West Australian . Fishermen brought up the 13-foot-long, 1,500-pound shark from a depth of 2,600 feet, and about 1,500... More »

Australia Captures 172 Sharks, 0 Great Whites

50 of biggest are killed

(Newser) - Australia killed 50 big sharks in the first test of its controversial shark cull program , though none were great whites—the type blamed for the attacks on swimmers that sparked the cull in the first place, reports ABC News of Australia . The government set baited hooks near seven beaches in... More »

Rare, Freakish Shark Caught in Gulf

Fishermen accidentally haul in a goblin shark

(Newser) - Shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico found a decidedly unshrimp-like creature in their haul last month: a rare and strange-looking goblin shark, reports the Houston Chronicle . While a bit more common in deep waters off Japan, this is only the second one ever spotted in the Gulf, notes the National... More »

Mako Caught Off Florida May Be World Record

Cousins say shark weighed 805 pounds

(Newser) - Two Florida cousins say they caught an 805-pound mako shark off the coast of Florida last week—and they'll also have a world record if the number is verified, reports the Pensacola News Journal . Earnie and Joey Polk say they hooked the 11-footer from land on an undisclosed Gulf... More »

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