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NC Beach Awash in Teeth From Bus-Sized Shark

The six-inch teeth suggest a 60-foot prehistoric giant

(Newser) - In recent days, beachgoers in North Topsail Beach and Surf City in North Carolina have been stumbling upon some rare teeth—some the size of an adult hand—which belonged to a supersized prehistoric shark called a megalodon. Aurora Fossil Museum experts say Hurricane Joaquin likely dredged up the previously... More »

Study Counts More Sharks Than Ever Along East Coast

And they're still not fully recovered from overfishing

(Newser) - Anyone still terrified of Jaws might want to stop reading now. The shark population on the East Coast is at its highest since scientists began counting the animals 29 years ago, according to a federal study, and scientists are high-finning, er, fiving, over the news. In just three years, shark... More »

Shark Kills Seal in Front of Beach-Goers

Cape Cod beach closes early after attack

(Newser) - Alarmed beach-goers watched a nature documentary play out in front of their eyes on Cape Cod this week when a shark bit into a seal and spit it onto Nauset Light Beach, the Boston Globe reports. The attack, which one lifeguard described as "an explosion of blood and water,... More »

This May Be the Biggest Great White Ever Filmed

Deep Blue is believed to be 20 feet long, 5K pounds

(Newser) - Don’t be surprised if this beast appears in your nightmares tonight. Shark expert Mauricio Hoyos Padilla has released footage of a massive, 20-foot-long great white shark that might just be the largest ever caught on camera, reports ABC News . Though Padilla says he first found the shark near Guadalupe... More »

Sharks Have a Sixth Sense for Killing, Literally

They're better at sensing electric fields than even our best tools

(Newser) - It turns out there's something sharks are even better at than spicing up your average made-for-TV movie about tornadoes: sensing electricity. Back in 1971, a Dutch scientist discovered sharks use tiny pores on their heads to sense the electric fields produced by other aquatic animals—and hunt those creatures,... More »

Surfer Who Punched Shark Encounters Another

As another surfer punches shark, gets bitten for his trouble

(Newser) - Mick Fanning might want to consider a nice second career as, say, a librarian. The surfer and Earth's best-known shark-boxer no sooner returned to the water for his first surf in his native Australia than he had to quickly leave it: As the Courier-Mail reports, Fanning says he sighted... More »

Great White Foils Marathon Swimmer Near His Goal

'It was hard, but a shark is a shark'

(Newser) - A great white shark thwarted a Northern California man's quest to become the first person to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallon Islands. Corte Madera marathon swimmer Simon Dominguez was trying to swim about 28 miles when his teen daughter, in a support boat, spotted the... More »

Diver Returns to Water, Sees Shark Kill Her Father

Attack occurs off coast of Australia

(Newser) - A woman watched her father being mauled to death by a large shark today while the pair were diving off the Australian island state of Tasmania, police said. The adult woman had returned to their boat with scallops that the pair had collected, then became concerned that her father, in... More »

Video: Beached Shark Gets a Life-Saving Tow

Good Samaritans save the day in Massachusetts

(Newser) - Not all the shark news this summer is bad news . When beachgoers in Chatham, Massachusetts, came across a beached great white, they staged a remarkable rescue. People tossed water on the shark to keep it alive, and soon the harbormaster showed up and towed it into the water, reports the... More »

No. 7: Shark Attacks Swimmer Off North Carolina

This is the most for the state in at least 80 years

(Newser) - Beaches along the North Carolina coast are sure to be jam-packed this holiday weekend, which makes this bit of news especially troubling: A shark attacked a 67-year-old man off Okracoke Island in the Outer Banks today, making him the state's seventh victim this season, reports Reuters . In the 80... More »

Experts to NC: If You Fish for Sharks, They Will Come

Bait and chum used to catch sharks may be attracting them to shoreline

(Newser) - Six people have been attacked by sharks over the past few weeks off the North Carolina coast, including two this weekend , and while local officials are spinning their wheels to figure out why the numbers have been so high this summer, some experts think they may have it figured out.... More »

North Carolina Sees 5th Shark Attack of Month

And South Carolina gets one, too

(Newser) - North Carolina has been plagued by shark attacks this month, with a 13-year-old girl injured June 11 , two teens injured on June 14 , and an 8-year-old boy bitten Wednesday . Today, another victim, plus one in South Carolina:
  • A 47-year-old man swimming with a group near North Carolina's Avon beach
... More »

Boy Bitten in Fla. 'Shark Bite Capital'

NC town eyes shark fishing ban to protect swimmers

(Newser) - Volusia County, Fla., was declared the "shark bite capital of the world" this year by the International Shark Attack File, according to NBC , and it doesn't seem to be in danger of losing the title. A 10-year-old boy was in chest-deep water at Daytona Beach Shores yesterday when... More »

Teen: I Won't Let Shark Attack Ruin My Life

Hunter Treschl says he 'didn't see it coming' before NC attack

(Newser) - The way Hunter Treschl sees it, he's got two ways to deal with losing his arm to a shark Sunday in North Carolina: He can let his injury ruin his life, or "I can try to live my life the way I was." In a series of... More »

Truck Crash's Odd Victim: a Shark

4 sandbar sharks were being transported from Florida to Coney Island

(Newser) - One died, three survived. That was the outcome for four sandbar sharks being hauled from Marathon, Fla., to an aquarium in Coney Island, NY, after the truck they were in crashed during a storm on Interstate 95 yesterday afternoon, the Florida Highway Patrol tells Florida Today . The semitrailer blew a... More »

Incredibly Rare Pocket Shark Caught in Gulf

Only previous catch was 36 years ago

(Newser) - Scientists know very little about the pocket shark—they're not even sure what it keeps in its pockets—but a Gulf of Mexico catch has doubled the number of known specimens. At 5.5 inches, the species is small enough to fit in your pocket, the National Oceanic and... More »

Why the World Will See More Shark Bites

More people means more encounters: researchers

(Newser) - Shark attacks like the one that killed a young surfer on Sunday are rare, but according to experts, they're only going to increase in number. In fact, the rate of "unprovoked" shark attacks has been steadily rising for the last century. No, sharks aren't developing a particular... More »

Frilled Shark With 300 Teeth Caught Off Australia

It's described as a 'living fossil'

(Newser) - Fishermen off the coast of Australia were startled to haul in something none of them had ever seen before: a rare species of "living fossil" shark virtually unchanged since before dinosaurs went extinct. The frilled shark they caught was around 5 feet long, almost as big as they get,... More »

Shark Drags Surfer Under at California Beach

Man's injuries aren't life-threatening

(Newser) - A surfer was hospitalized after a shark pulled him underwater in California. Witnesses at Montaña de Oro State Park say the victim was one Kevin Swanson, 50; the attacker, according to a park ranger, was an 8- to 10-foot juvenile shark, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. "It... More »

Shark Photobombs Surfing Contest

'Nobody was rattled,' competition resumed

(Newser) - A jumping shark has photobombed a surfing competition off an Australian beach. Amateur photographer Steph Bellamy captured the image of the shark with her smartphone last Sunday as she was photographing mothers and their children paddling on their surfboards off a beach in the New South Wales state town of... More »

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