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This Might Just Be the Oddest Auction Lot Ever

Thomas Kramer's pig statues, coffin up for grabs in Miami Beach

(Newser) - Anyone in need of a dining table with two stripper poles on top? Life-size Alien and Predator statues? What about a coffin? You can get all that and more in one place: an auction in Miami Beach. The items used to belong to Thomas Kramer, the hard-partying playboy and former... More »

'She Just Floored It': Witness Can't Fathom Fatal Decision

Temple student Cariann Hithon was shot by police after driving car into an officer

(Newser) - The minute before a 22-year-old Temple University student drove her BMW into a Florida police officer and was fatally shot "played out like a movie set" on Miami Beach, said a retired homicide detective who witnessed the incident. Cariann Hithon of Bowie, Md., crashed into several cars Sunday evening... More »

'Single Worst Case' of Child Murder in Miami Still in Flux

'I did not kill my baby,' Ana Maria Cardona says of horrific death of 3-year-old son

(Newser) - The body of 3-year-old Lazaro Figueroa, dressed in a lollipop-adorned T-shirt, was found underneath a bush in Miami Beach in November 1990. Injuries on his body showed "Baby Lollipops" had been a victim of extreme domestic violence, and as Jaquira Diaz writes for Rolling Stone , local law enforcement and... More »

Miami Beach's Sand Comes From Elsewhere ... Problematically

It's pumped up sand from seafloor, and now that nearby sand is tapped out

(Newser) - Sand may seem like an infinite natural resource, but as cities with beaches around the world know all too well, it's anything but. And Miami Beach, Fla., is standing at a crossroads now that it, along with the US Army Corps of Engineers, has spent years pumping up sand... More »

Mosquitoes Now Spreading Zika in Miami Beach

Five new cases confirmed in Miami

(Newser) - Mosquitoes are spreading Zika in a whole new area of Miami, the CDC announced Friday. USA Today reports five new cases of mosquito-spread Zika have popped up in a 1.5-square-mile area of Miami Beach, including popular tourist area South Beach. In fact, three of the five patients were visiting... More »

Sources: Zika Is Spreading in Miami Beach

Feds may advise against travel to entire county

(Newser) - In a development that will alarm Florida tourist authorities as well as pregnant women, sources tell multiple news outlets that mosquitoes are spreading Zika in Miami Beach. A health official tells the New York Times that a cluster of cases probably spread by mosquitoes has been found in the city,... More »

Watch Thieves Install Fake Card Scanner in Seconds

Miami Beach police are searching for the 2 men

(Newser) - Police are looking for two men spotted installing a credit card skimmer on a point-of-sale system at a Miami Beach gas station on Wednesday. As a Digg post observes, the ease of the whole operation is "frankly terrifying." A surveillance video shows two men approach the counter of... More »

10 Most Expensive New Year's Eve Cities

New York City doesn't come in until No. 8

(Newser) - Spending New Year's Eve in New York City? You may be surprised to know it's not the most expensive place you could be. (Though even its Olive Garden is pricey .) looked at the cheapest double room available from Dec. 30 to Jan. 2 in 30... More »

Stabbing of Woman Seen as 'Performance Art'

Patrons at Art Basel Miami Beach are left stunned

(Newser) - A stabbing at a Miami art show Friday night sparked confusion for champagne-swilling patrons: Was it real or was it performance art? Sadly, the assault at Art Basel Miami Beach was all too real and left the female victim bloodied with knife wounds to the arm and neck, the Miami ... More »

Cops: Naked Woman Let Men Cover Her in Ketchup

'That [expletive] was fun'

(Newser) - A young woman is in trouble with police after allegedly letting a group of men treat her like a hot dog—a naked, riot-inciting hot dog—at a Miami Beach Johnny Rockets earlier this month, the New York Daily News reports. According to the Miami New Times , things got off... More »

For Sale: Al Capone's Miami Beach Mansion

Gangster died at $8.45M Palm Island estate

(Newser) - Got $8.45 million kicking around? You could buy the Miami Beach mansion where Al Capone died—and from which he supposedly plotted the infamous 1929 Valentine's Day Massacre. Capone bought the 10,000-square-foot Palm Island mansion in 1928 for $40,000 after he was chased out of Chicago... More »

Bieber Admits Boozing, Pot, Pills Before Arrest: Cops

Singer arrested on suspicion of DUI, drag racing in Miami Beach

(Newser) - Some of you have been waiting a long time for this news: Justin Bieber was arrested this morning. Bieber—who was driving a rented Lamborghini at the time, NBC Miami reports—was busted on suspicion of drag racing, driving under the influence, and resisting arrest in Miami Beach, according to... More »

800-Pound Sea Creature Caught Off Miami

Fisherman nabs 14-foot Hookskate shark

(Newser) - A fisherman made quite the bizarre catch off the coast of Miami over the weekend: a 14-foot, 800-pound Hookskate shark. The Hookskate is an elusive creature, typically seen on muddy bottoms of the continental slope at depths of up to 1,000 feet, and not much is known about it.... More »

Florida Beaches Desperately Seeking Sand

With supplies running out, officials go looking for a new source

(Newser) - Some South Florida beaches are running low on one very critical supply: sand. The Army Corps of Engineers had been bringing in sand for beaches in Miami-Dade and Broward counties from offshore sources, but now those reserves have run out. That's a problem not just for castle-building enthusiasts, but... More »

Teen Graffiti Artist Dies After Police Tasing

Death of Miami Beach 17-year-old under investigation

(Newser) - A Miami Beach teenager is dead after getting tased by police who spotted him tagging a vacant McDonald's with graffiti. The case is getting more attention than usual because 17-year-old Israel Hernandez-Llach had the reputation of a budding artist. He was "on the threshold of acclaim in Miami... More »

Patron Tries to Buy Beer With Bartender's Stolen Card

Surprised barkeep calls cops, gets arrest

(Newser) - A guy strolls into a bar and buys a beer with a credit card. He is then swiftly arrested. The guy, a 53-year-old homeless man in Miami Beach, purchased his brew from the exact wrong bartender ... because he happened to be using the bartender's stolen credit card, reports the... More »

Florida Man Busted for Ruckus at Dark Knight

David Escamillo reeked of alcohol, yelled 'this is it!' Patrons unamused

(Newser) - A South Florida man faces disorderly conduct charges after a disturbance at a theater showing The Dark Knight Rises. Miami Beach police say more than 100 moviegoers fled early yesterday after David Escamillo yelled "This is it!" during the film. Witnesses say they saw Escamillo leave the theater... More »

In Luxury Condo, Cars Will Ride Elevators, Too

Miami Beach tower plans unique way to get residents to front door

(Newser) - A 57-story luxury condo going up near Miami Beach doesn't think residents should actually have to leave their cars to ride the elevator to their units. Instead, they will ride the glass elevator up in the comfort of their vehicles, reports the Miami Herald . At the appropriate floor, a... More »

Flo Rida Arrested for DUI ... in $1.7M Bugatti

But a crowd of fans did offer to drive him home...

(Newser) - A large crowd pleaded with officers to let rapper Flo Rida go and one fan offered to drive him home after he was charged with driving under the influence in the wee hours of the morning in Miami Beach. Officers spotted his 2008 Bugatti (valued at $1.7 million) driving... More »

Warren Sapp Charged With Domestic Battery

Former NFL great loses Super Bowl announcing gig after arrest

(Newser) - Warren Sapp has made bail but won't be analyzing the Super Bowl for the NFL Network after being arrested and charged with domestic battery in the alleged choking of his girlfriend in a Miami Beach hotel. Sapp, a defensive lineman who starred at the University of Miami before playing 13... More »

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