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Alzheimer's Gene Found to Have Effect on Kids' Brains

Could Alzheimer's be a developmental disorder?

(Newser) - You have one of six possible variations of the APOE gene , having inherited one variant—e2, e3, or e4—from each parent. Reporting in the journal Neuron , University of Hawaii researchers found that the brain development of children as young as preschool age with two copies of e4 or one... More »

In Sonogram, Twin Appears to Clutch Dying Brother's Hand

With a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain, Mason is not expected to make it

(Newser) - When the McIntire family in Hutchinson, Kan., got the surprising news they were expecting twins, their elation quickly turned to grief as they learned that one twin, the boy, weighed only 9 ounces compared to his sister's two pounds, and that he had a hole in his heart and... More »

Parents Tell Surrogate to Abort Triplet, She Refuses

Parents want to abort one of the triplets over the risk of disabilities

(Newser) - When 26-year-old Brittneyrose Torres of Thousand Oaks, Calif., read on Facebook about a couple who couldn't have children, she decided to try surrogacy and agreed to carry one of their children for $25,000 and two or more for an extra $5,000. But not long after learning that... More »

Locals Beat Detroit Man Blamed in Teen's Rape

Neighbors say cops too slow; victim, suspect had disabilities

(Newser) - After a teen with Down syndrome was allegedly raped in Detroit, residents felt police were acting too slowly—so they took matters into their own hands. Using a baseball bat, several neighbors pursued and beat a man whom the victim's family and other locals accused of the sexual assault,... More »

NY State Caregivers Keep Jobs Despite Abuse

Probe uncovers incidents involving the mentally disabled

(Newser) - At New York state homes for the mentally disabled, firings are rare—even when caregivers abuse or neglect patients, the Poughkeepsie Journal reports. Of the state’s 20 attempted firings across some dozen facilities since 2007, 18 were unsuccessful; only 2% of disciplinary cases at more than 100 facilities led... More »

Secondhand Smoke Boosts Kids' ADHD Risk

Study says 274K cases of learning and conduct disorders could be prevented

(Newser) - Here's an idea for a cigarette warning label: Kids exposed to secondhand smoke at home are 50% more likely to develop mental and behavioral disorders like ADHD, according to a new study. Researchers can't prove that secondhand smoke causes the disorders, but say that if it does, 274,... More »

Older Women More Likely to Have Autistic Kids

Women over 40 face double the risk compared to moms under 25

(Newser) - Older mothers face an increased risk of giving birth to a child with autism, a new study says. Researchers analyzed all 4.9 million births in California in the 1990s and found that women who give birth over the age of 40 are 77% more likely to have an autistic... More »

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