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Daily Beast Scribe Plagiarized 35 Other Times

Gerald Posner lifted passages frequently, analysis shows

(Newser) - Disgraced Daily Beast scribe Gerald Posner claims he ' accidentally ' and unwittingly plagiarized material for his online columns—but it now appears he also did it habitually and for his books. A new review of his work suggests Posner may have lifted as many as 35 passages for Why ... More »

Another Daily Beast Writer Accused of Plagiarism

Beast lashes out at Gawker, demands retraction

(Newser) - Another Daily Beast columnist has been accused of uncredited borrowing. This time, it’s senior political columnist John Avalon, who, in his new Beast-published book Wingnuts, lifts quotes from Salon columnist Alexander Zaitchik’s reporting on Glenn Beck. Hamilton Nolan of Gawker lays out all the instances here . Basically, Avalon... More »

Gerald Posner Cops to 'Accidental Plagiarism'

Daily Beast reporter blames 'warp speed' of web in mea culpa

(Newser) - Gerald Posner didn’t mean to do it, but he admits he is a plagiarist and has now resigned from his reporting gig at the Daily Beast. His undoing, he writes on his blog , was the blazing pace of Internet journalism and his own naïveté. “For the Beast... More »

Beast Writer Booted After More Plagiarism Surfaces

Gerald Posner suspended for borrowing

(Newser) - The Daily Beast's chief investigative writer who "unintentionally" lifted lines from a Miami Herald article has apparently done the same thing on 4 previous occasions, cribbing from the Herald and Texas Lawyer. Gerald Posner is now on suspension from Tina Brown's online news operation, reports Gawker . "I now... More »

4 Stories