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Google Engineer Takes Leave to Help

Site reliability engineer Michael Dickerson among those recruited

(Newser) - The "tech surge" to fix includes some names from the industry's biggest players. Among them, per a Health department blog post , is Michael Dickerson, on leave from his job as a site reliability engineer at Google. He'll be "leveraging his experience stabilizing large, high... More »

New Computer Engineers: Bacteria

Magnetic microbes could lead way to faster hard drives

(Newser) - Future computer hardware designers may look to bacteria as a guide. Researchers in Britain created miniscule magnets by mimicking a bacterial process; these magnets could help us build the smaller, faster hard drives of tomorrow, the BBC reports. A bacterium called Magnetospirilllum magneticum creates the world's most magnetic mineral,... More »

Barbie's New Career: Computer Engineer

But role models need more than 'cute pink glasses'

(Newser) - Barbie, who once declared that "math class is tough," is branching into IT. Computer Engineer Barbie will be out in the fall, complete with a Bluetooth headset, a smartphone, and a pink laptop. The new career came out on top in a worldwide poll, followed by News Anchor... More »

3 Stories