Evan Bayh retires

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Evan Bayh: How We Can Fix the Senate

It all starts with a bipartisan lunch

(Newser) - Evan Bayh thinks the Senate is so hopelessly mired in partisan muck that the only way out is for Democrats and Republicans to break bread together. "Let’s start with a simple proposal: why not have a monthly lunch of all 100 senators?" he writes in a New York ... More »

Bayh: Third Party Could Win White House

Soon-to-be-ex-senator sees a 'Ross Perot moment' in 2012

(Newser) - Evan Bayh thinks the time is ripe for a third-party president. “There’s a high level of frustration with the two-party system out there,” Bayh told Charlie Rose, when asked about David Brooks’ theory that a third party candidate could at last be viable. “This is, in... More »

John Mellencamp Should Replace Evan Bayh

The rocker is a big advocate of 'small-town America'

(Newser) - Brent Budowsky has caught wind of a movement to draft John Mellencamp to run as Evan Bayh's replacement, and he thinks it's an "inspired idea." The Indiana rocker "would make an outstanding and even brilliant United States senator and represents exactly the spirit and soul the Democratic... More »

Dems Escape Trouble in Evan Bayh Race

Novice fails to make ballot; might have been easy GOP win

(Newser) - Democrats nearly had another political disaster on their hands thanks to Evan Bayh, writes David Kurtz. They got lucky, however, when a no-name cafe owner failed to come up with enough signatures by today's deadline to represent Democrats in the primary. Now that Tamyra d'Ippolito is out of the picture—... More »

5 More GOP Routes to a Senate Majority

These shaky Dem incumbents could be next to make the GOP's day

(Newser) - The decision by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh not to seek reelection has put 10 Democratic seats—and the majority—firmly in reach of Republicans in the upcoming election. Politico looks at 5 most likely to make the job easier for the GOP:
  • Arkansas: Blanche Lincoln trailed a likely GOP challenger
... More »

Is Bayh Stepping Down for Prez Run?

Rumors fly as pundits ponder Bayh's next move

(Newser) - Evan Bayh's decision to call it quits with Congress is spurring speculation that he's got his eyes on the Oval Office. His resignation speech focused on his desire to get things done: "I'm an executive at heart," he told the crowd. The comment prompted one political scientist to... More »

Evan Bayh Calls It Quits

Indiana senator says partisan bickering drove him out of politics

(Newser) - Evan Bayh won’t seek reelection, he announced today, saying he was sick of the partisan rancor in Washington. “My decision was not motivated by political concerns,” the Indiana Democrat said in a statement. “Even in the current challenging environment, I am confident in my prospects for... More »

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