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Ill-Advised Facebook Post Leads to Burglary

Indiana woman's 'friend' took advantage of her absence, she says

(Newser) - An Indiana woman is convinced an ill-advised Facebook status update got her house burgled by one of those online “friends” you probably shouldn’t friend in the first place. Last weekend, Keri McMullen innocently let her online circle know that she and her fiancée would be out all... More »

Heading Out? Tweet the Burglars

Site aggregates tweets, etc., to let others know you're out

(Newser) - A new website is out to make people think twice when they use Twitter, Foursquare, or any other social networking tool to let others know when they're not home. The site's name says it all: . It aggregates publicly shared check-ins and caters jokingly to hypothetical burglars looking for... More »

2 Stories