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History Channel Pulls Plug on 'The Kennedys'

Epic 8-part miniseries yanked after complaints of inaccuracies

(Newser) - The Kennedys cost big bucks and stars big names like Tom Wilkinson and Greg Kinnear, but it's not going to see the light of day on the History Channel. The network yanked the epic, controversial eight-part miniseries—its most expensive program ever—yesterday after deeming the completed work "not... More »

'Vindictive' Documentary on Kennedys Ignites Furor

Right-winger's History Channel biopic blamed JFK for Berlin Wall

(Newser) - A History Channel miniseries on the Kennedy family that won't be aired for nearly a year has already raised the ire of Kennedy historians and liberal critics who call the series' script a historically inaccurate hatchet job that portrays the JFK presidency salaciously. The Kennedys is being produced by Joel... More »

2 Stories