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Kristen Wiig Can't Save Too-Nice Hateship Loveship

Critics mostly sour on movie, despite Wiig's mostly successful dramatic turn

(Newser) - Kristen Wiig: Serious dramatic actor? The funny lady takes a stab at it in Hateship Loveship, an adaptation of an Alice Munro short story that gets a limited release today. For the most part, critics think Wiig does a good job, but they aren't especially fond of the movie... More »

Captain America Is Year's 1st ... Summer Blockbuster

Critics generally agree it's a crowd-pleaser

(Newser) - Chris Evans is back as Captain America in an action-packed flick that seems better suited for a summer opening—and may in fact be better than its 2011 version. With a star-studded line-up, including Scarlett Johansson and Robert Redford, critics generally agree The Winter Soldier pleases. Here's what they'... More »

Noah Is Insane, in a Good Way

Critics say Aronofsky's biblical epic is ambitious if uneven

(Newser) - Admit it: You weren't expecting the reviews for Noah to be good. But the biblical epic, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, is actually getting a lot of praise—even if most of it acknowledges that the movie is nuts. Here's what people... More »

Divergent Is Safe, Derivative

Latest YA dystopian epic not bad, but it's no 'Hunger Games,' critics say

(Newser) - A dystopian sci-fi movie with a courageous young heroine based on a popular YA novel hits theaters this weekend—and no, it's not that other movie. No, this is Divergent, the story of a girl in a strictly segmented society who doesn't fit into any of those segments.... More »

Muppets Sequel Can't Top Reboot

Critics are pleased overall, but can't help comparing to the 2011 installment

(Newser) - The Muppets are back following their spectacular 2011 revival . This time, they're headed to Europe (with comedic big-hitters Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Ty Burrell alongside), where all doesn't quite go as planned. Does Muppets Most Wanted live up to the reboot? The critics weigh in:
  • "Refreshingly
... More »

Veronica Mars Caters to Fans

Non-fans, not so much

(Newser) - Fans of TV's Veronica Mars have been impatiently waiting to see their favorite private eye on the big screen—after all, they did pay to make it happen —and critics seem to agree on what matters: The diehards will like the full-length feature. Here's what they're... More »

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Stays True to Original

Movie generally pleases, is charming with funny bits: reviews

(Newser) - Critics and audiences alike seem pleased with Mr. Peabody & Sherman, a remake of Jay Ward's classic cartoon—made famous on the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show—about a smart talking dog, his adopted human son, and their travels through history via their WABAC (think way-back) machine. What reviewers are... More »

Non-Stop Is Boring, Implausible

Critics divided on Liam Neeson's mid-air mystery

(Newser) - Liam Neeson's improbable late-career resurgence as an action star continues this weekend with Non-Stop, a thriller in which Neeson plays an air marshal attempting to find a killer mid-flight. Critics are lukewarm on it; many enjoyed Neeson's performance, but many also complained about the plot, and the ending... More »

The Wind Rises Is a Beautiful, Difficult Finale for Miyazaki

Film is typically lyrical, atypically realistic, and a little controversial

(Newser) - What might be Hayao Miyazaki's last film makes its US debut this weekend, and naturally critics are in love with it. The beloved filmmaker announced his retirement after The Wind Rises debuted at the Venice Film Festival last year. Since then the movie—a biopic of Jiro Horikoshi, who... More »

RoboCop? More Like RoboreCop

One critic calls it 'a travesty of a classic'

(Newser) - RoboCop is back after a lengthy hiatus, but most critics are wishing it had stayed in 1987. Powered by director José Padilha and backed by some strong acting talents, the movie has promise. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver, and according to one critic, it may have ruined a classic.
  • "
... More »

Monuments Men Is Dull as Stone

Clooney's war romp fails to charm critics

(Newser) - It's safe to say critics would not venture into a war zone to save the last copy of The Monuments Men. George Clooney's latest outing as a writer/director/star is being widely panned as boring, shallow, and disjointed. Here's what they're saying:
  • The Monuments Men is a
... More »

LEGO Movie's Reviews Are Shockingly Good

Critics are overwhelmingly behind this zany cartoon

(Newser) - One of the best-reviewed movies of the last 12 months is an epic story about ... LEGO people? Believe it or not, The LEGO Movie is getting virtually unanimous critical praise—as of this writing it's at 99% on Rotten Tomatoes , with just one Top Critic offering a negative review.... More »

Mushy Labor Day Doesn't Work

Critics rip Jason Reitman's romantic melodrama

(Newser) - Jason Reitman (Up In the Air, Juno) is a respected filmmaker, and Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin are respected performers. But critics definitely don't respect their new collaboration Labor Day, a melodramatic romance between a depressed single mother and an escaped convict, based on a Joyce Maynard novel. Here'... More »

Critics Mixed on Latest Jack Ryan Flick

Reviews mixed, but mostly it passes

(Newser) - Reviews are mixed for action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Just the latest actor to play Tom Clancy's popular character, Chris Pine has tough competition in previous Jacks as he uncovers a terrorist plot with Keira Knightley along for the ride. What critics are saying:
  • "When Pine gets
... More »

Critics in Love With Her

Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson star in Spike Jonze film

(Newser) - Critics are applauding Spike Jonze's Her, a boy-meets-OS story starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with his thinking, feeling computer, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Highlights from the reviews:
  • "With his extraordinary new film Her, Spike Jonze has made a heartrending romance that will ring
... More »

Wolf of Wall Street Is a Wild Ride

DiCaprio, Scorsese team up for a new look at excess

(Newser) - The new DiCaprio-Scorsese movie The Wolf of Wall Street is getting solid reviews from critics (79% positive on Rotten Tomatoes ) and fans alike (86%). Some odds and ends:
  • Boring, it's not: It's "an exuberant, hyper-energized riot," writes Richard Brody at the New Yorker . "It’
... More »

A-Listers Shine in American Hustle

Critics are in love with what one calls the year's best film

(Newser) - If you're hustling to see David O. Russell's American Hustle this weekend, you've got good reason. Critics are raving about the film and its A-list cast, which includes Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence, giving it a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing. Read on... More »

Anchorman 2 Stays Funny

Ron Burgundy heads to 24-hour news

(Newser) - Anchorman 2 brings the "legendary" Ron Burgundy into the 1980s and a new medium: 24-hour news. The sequel brings back the absurdity of the first and even takes a few swings at satire, and while it may not equal its predecessor, critics say it's worth a watch.
  • "
... More »

New Hobbit a 'Little Less Boring'

Critics mostly approve of Jackson's latest

(Newser) - Peter Jackson's first Hobbit film didn't exactly wow critics . They're not gushing about Desolation of Smaug either, but most seem to agree that it's an improvement, with more action than its predecessor, and it's boasting a healthy 75% as of this writing on Rotten Tomatoes... More »

Inside Llewyn Davis Among Coens' Best

Critics rave about musical tale

(Newser) - The Coen brothers' latest film tells the dark tale of a folk musician in Greenwich Village in 1961. Though you might not want to befriend Llewyn, his story is well worth a watch—in fact, some critics are calling Inside Llewyn Davis a candidate for the Coens' best. A sampling... More »

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