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Ben Folds Five Video Stars... the Fraggles

Jim Henson creations crash 'Do It Anyway'

(Newser) - Ben Folds Five is back after 13 years without a new album, but more importantly, the band's new video includes none other than the Fraggles. Jim Henson's creations crash the video for "Do It Anyway," and so do comedians Chris Hardwick and Rob Corddry and actress... More »

Real Ben Folds Salutes Chatroulette Ben Folds

He does his doppelganger's routine in concert

(Newser) - Turns out that's not really Ben Folds performing on Chatroulette . It's a guy named Merton. But the real Ben Folds has been inundated with so many questions about his doppelganger that he's offering a tribute of sorts in concerts, mimicking Merton's piano improv while watching Chatroulette. His "Ode to... More »

Is Chatroulette Piano Guy Actually Ben Folds?

Internet abuzz with YouTube mystery

(Newser) - New York weighs in on the day's hottest Internet mystery: Is the Chatroulette piano guy/YouTube-viral-video star actually Ben Folds? As Stephen Johnson points out on G4 , “He sings like Ben Folds. He plays piano like Ben Folds. He looks like Ben Folds.” Adds Lindsay Robertson, “anyone... More »

14 Celebs Who Are Total Jerks

Some you might expect (Nicole Richie); others, maybe not

(Newser) - Ever wondered which celebrities are a lot nicer on screen than they are in person? The Frisky staffers share stories of the meanest celebs they’ve met:
  • Jennifer Lopez: “Banished” a reporter who wasn’t “established enough” to interview her—the reporter later found out J.Lo “
... More »

4 Stories