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Franco, Disaster Artist Pull Off an Amazing Feat

They turn 'trash into art'

(Newser) - Determined to make it in Hollywood despite an avalanche of rejections, Tommy Wiseau set out to make a movie of his own. The Room , released in 2003, is arguably one of the worst movies ever made. But the same can't be said of James Franco's The Disaster Artist,... More »

7 Soon-to-Be Leading Men

James Franco's little brother, a Liam Neeson co-star, and more

(Newser) - If that crush you had on Tom Cruise when you were 10 has gotten a little stale, consider choosing a new swoonworthy young crush from Details ’ list of up-and-coming leading men:
  1. James Badge Dale: After starring in 24’s third season and in a Scorsese flick, he scored upcoming
... More »

2 Stories