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Lion Kills S. African Zookeeper

Employee came out of retirement because of staff shortages

(Newser) - A Johannesburg Zoo employee who came out of retirement because of staff shortages was killed by a lioness at a breeding facility outside the city. The 63-year-old, who had nearly 40 years of experience working with animals, was attacked while feeding the lions, the BBC reports. An enclosure was found... More »

Zoo Lions Kill White Tigress

Czech zoo staff unable to stop attack on Isabella

(Newser) - A rare white tiger was ripped to shreds by two lions that gained access to her enclosure at a Czech zoo yesterday. The lions unexpectedly entered the tiger's open-air area through a trap door, and workers who heard Isabella's cries were unable to prevent them from killing the elderly tiger.... More »

Lions Defend Turf Like Gangstas

(Newser) - Lion prides display the behavior of human gangs not to hunt more efficiently, but to defend their turf, researchers have discovered. The larger the prides, the more successfully lions keep out interlopers, reports the BBC. Scientists have long been stumped by why lions are singularly sociable among cats and what... More »

Hamas Frees Kidnapped Lioness

Crime gang stole cub Sabrina from Gaza zoo 20 months ago

(Newser) - Hamas soldiers yesterday freed Sabrina the lioness in a raid on a Palestinian crime gang that kidnapped her 20 months ago. The four-month-old cub and a pair of Arabic-speaking parrots were snatched from the Gaza zoo, and Sabrina was left to languish in a dark cell where curious spectators snapped... More »

4 Stories