marginal tax rate

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Hollande: I'll Turn Economy Around in 2 Years

French president responds to criticism he's being too passive

(Newser) - With the euro crisis dragging down the French economy to nearly zero growth and unemployment surging, newly elected president François Hollande said he was giving himself two years to turn around the country's economy, reports the Wall Street Journal . Hollande, France's first socialist president in 17 years,... More »

Tax the Rich. It Won't Hurt (Them, or the Economy)

Marginal tax rates have nothing to do with GDP

(Newser) - Why doesn’t anyone argue for increased taxes on the rich anymore? Only a generation ago, American politicians had no problem calling for high marginal tax rates, but no one’s had the nerve to do it since Ronald Reagan argued that they penalized the rich for working hard—which... More »

2 Stories