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Finland Gave People Free Cash. Here's What's Happened So Far

They're not working much more, but they are happier and less stressed

(Newser) - Finland's basic-income experiment is one year into its two-year trial run, and the results so far are a mixed bag. In a European first, 2,000 or so out-of-work Finnish citizens between the ages of 25 and 58 were guaranteed a monthly tax-free paycheck of about $635 from the... More »

Workers in 'Panic Mode' Over Low Price of Oil

Oil rigs have shut down, leaving well-paid degree-less workers short on options

(Newser) - Countries around the world continue to be impacted in various ways from the oil price crash over the last year, and there's one demographic that's definitely feeling the negative effects: oil workers now out of jobs that were "more or less an economic lottery ticket for an... More »

America's Male Worker Is Dying —by Choice?

'Deep changes' mean more men are choosing not to work

(Newser) - The US once had one of the highest employment rates of the world's developed nations. Now, not so much. And men in particular aren't working as much as they used to. In 2000, 89% of men aged 25 to 54 went to work, compared to 95% in the... More »

Clown Canned for Shouting Insults at Black Family

At fair, he called mom 'nappy head,' 'unbeweaveable'

(Newser) - If you're a clown in a dunk tank at a carnival, part of your job is to gently egg on attendees so that they'll hand over a couple of bucks and try to sink you. But a Tennessee family says one performer crossed the line at the Delta... More »

Jobless Rate 6.6%, but That Fails to Impress

Just 113K new jobs created

(Newser) - Another disappointing jobs report: Just 113,000 jobs were created in January; economists had expected 189,000, and the average monthly gain in 2013 was 194,000. The unemployment rate did tick down to 6.6% from 6.7% , as had been expected; that's a 5-year low, the... More »

Unemployment Drops to 7.2%

148K new jobs added in September, though hiring slowed

(Newser) - The September jobs report is out today, delayed thanks to the government shutdown, and it reveals that the unemployment rate ticked down to 7.2% last month, while 148,000 jobs were added. Economists had expected the rate to hold steady at 7.3%, the Wall Street Journal notes, but... More »

Unemployment Hits 4-Year Low: 7.5%

As 165K jobs are added in April

(Newser) - Today's jobs report beat expectations: The unemployment rate fell to 7.5%, a four-year low, in April, and 165,000 jobs were created. Economists had expected 148,000 new jobs and an unemployment rate holding steady at 7.6%, the Wall Street Journal reports. More good news from the... More »

Ranks of Long-Jobless Shrink

Suddenly, they're the ones who can find jobs

(Newser) - Recent months have brought positive signs for the long-term unemployed, allaying fears that the US would face a "structural unemployment" problem, with legions of perpetually unemployable people. The long-jobless shrunk to 39.1% of all job seekers in December, the first time the number has dipped below 40% in... More »

Unemployment May Be Just as Bad for Heart as Smoking

Study finds the more job losses, the more your risk of heart attack

(Newser) - Depressing news from a new study: Losing a job repeatedly could be just as bad for your heart as smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes, Time reports. The study looked at more than 13,000 adults aged 50 to 75 and followed them for 18 years, finding a strong link... More »

Hire Local? Farmers Who Seek US Workers Hit Hard

Even with high unemployment, Americans walk off too-hard job

(Newser) - John Harold is trying to do the right thing when it comes to harvesting his 1,000-acre Colorado farm, by hiring only legal foreign workers and, this summer, offering more positions to unemployed locals. But “it didn’t take me six hours to realize I’d made a heck... More »

Wrong Lottery Ticket Wins Woman $25M

Job-seeker wanted Mega Millions but got Powerball winner

(Newser) - A Georgia woman is reaping the benefits of a shop’s error. Kathy Scruggs asked for a Mega Millions ticket, and the clerk handed her one for Powerball; she decided to keep it anyway. Good choice: Turned out it was the winning $25 million ticket, and now the unemployed 44-year-old... More »

Jobless Man Finds $150K in Garden

Illinois carpenter may get to keep cash after a year

(Newser) - Wayne Sabaj went into his backyard garden looking for broccoli and found $150,000 instead. The unemployed and very honest Illinois carpenter—fearing the cash packed into two duffel bags might have come from a bank robbery—alerted police to the discovery. Investigators have been unable to find the source... More »

Democrats Blast Romney Joke: 'I'm Also Unemployed'

Aides say Mitt was mocking himself, got laughs

(Newser) - Discussing unemployment at a Florida coffee shop, Mitt Romney said he felt the pain of his jobless listeners: “I should tell my story, I’m also unemployed,” he said, according to the New York Times . "I'm networking," he added. “I have my sight on... More »

Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.1%

And fewer new jobs than expected were created

(Newser) - Employers hired only 54,000 new workers in May, the fewest in eight months, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1%. The Labor Department report offers startling evidence that the US economy is slowing, hampered by high gas prices and natural disasters in Japan that have hurt US manufacturers.... More »

Guy Offers $25K to First Person Who Gets Him a Job

As long as your job lead pays $225K, you're set

(Newser) - Having trouble finding a job? Perhaps you should consider Scott Avidon's approach: He's offering $25,000 to the first person who helps him get one. The 45-year-old father of two, laid off six months ago, tells the Huffington Post that he's been "aggressively looking" for jobs—networking, applying online,... More »

Man Streams Suicide to Web as Chat Room Eggs Him On

Japanese police get there too late

(Newser) - A Japanese man committed suicide live on the Internet this week, the Telegraph reports. The 24-year-old had been talking about his plans with members of a chat room from his apartment in the city of Sendai. Encouraged by some, he set up a webcam so he could stream it via... More »

Need a Job? Go to Pot School

Medical Marijuana schools bring new industry to Michigan

(Newser) - Business is booming at Med Grow, a Medical Marijuana school just outside of Detroit. For $475, students get a six-week course on the finer points of growing top-quality weed, which can fetch as much as $500 an ounce. That’s an enticing proposition in a state with 14% unemployment—indeed,... More »

Food Critic Now Turns to Food Stamps

Unemployed writer describes his adjustment

(Newser) - Ed Murrieta used to be a food critic for the Tacoma News Tribune with a $1,300 monthly expense account and a "middle-class salary." Today, however, "I eat on the fringe of the food business, hungry for work and living on the dole, one of 6 million... More »

New Jobs Bring Out New Job Seekers— and Boost Unemployment

Administration says trend is positive, if counterintuitive

(Newser) - As the economy generates more jobs, giving hope to previously “discouraged” workers, the jobless rate could actually spike instead of declining, the Washington Post reports. Still, what's happening in the economy is good, the White House says, laying the groundwork for the likelihood that job creation will lag behind... More »

Jobless to Get Mortgage Relief

US will tell lenders to cut or eliminate payments temporarily

(Newser) - The US plans to tell banks to drastically slash or even eliminate the mortgage payments of unemployed borrowers for up to 6 months. The initiative is expected to be unveiled tomorrow as a new tool to help reduce foreclosures, which remain high in part because of the nation's stubborn unemployment... More »

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