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Freed From Gitmo—to Kill in Iraq

Release detainee becomes suicide bomber

(Newser) - One of the suicide bombers responsible for a series of attacks in the Iraqi city of Mosul last month is a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, reports the New York Times. The Kuwaiti, originally detained in Afghanistan, is said to have traveled to Iraq via Syria to join jihadists after... More »

Turkey Bombs Rebels in Iraqi Mountains

Attacks must end 'as soon as possible,' Baghdad warns

(Newser) - Fighting continued in semiautonomous Kurdistan today as Turkey’s air and artillery forces let loose a hail of bombs in the mountains of northern Iraq, the AP reports. The strikes are ratcheting up tension between Turkey and the US-backed Iraqi government: Iraq’s foreign minister today told Turkey to get... More »

Iraq Promises to Help Turkey Quell Kurd Militants

Foreign minister vows to limit PKK movements, cut funding

(Newser) - Urging diplomacy, Iraq today pledged to help Turkey resolve border violence by Kurdish militants based in northern Iraq. Turkey kept the diplomatic wheels turning but wouldn't rule out military action to quell the PKK and rejected its offer of a ceasefire. Iraq’s foreign minister vowed to “actively help... More »

US, Tehran to Hold Fresh Talks

Agreement comes amid new charges of bomb smuggling to Iraq

(Newser) - The US and Iran will hold further talks on Iraq beginning tomorrow—despite new accusations the Iranians are arming and abetting Iraqi insurgents. The talks were announced by Iran's foreign minister yesterday just hours after two men linked to Iran were arrested near Baghdad for smuggling EFPs—the armor-penetrating bombs... More »

Envoy Warns of Pullout Horrors

Crocker promises honest assessment of war progress but says effects of withdrawal "way, way worse" than anything we've seen

(Newser) - US ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker tells the Times that a post-withdrawal scenario in Iraq "exceeds his imagination" —and then goes on to imagine a nearly unmitigated catastrophe. Crocker predicts sectarian murders “by the thousands," a resurgence of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, and the “complete... More »

5 Stories