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All Eyes on Irma: Who's Keeping Tabs

What you need to know to stay in the know

(Newser) - Expect Hurricane Irma to dominate the news cycle over the next few days—meaning it may be difficult to sort through the deluge to find the specific, accurate info you need. The New York Times notes that the proliferation of news, especially on social media, can offer "misleading ... individual... More »

Five-Rocket NASA Mission Lights Up Sky

Science mission finally gets green light

(Newser) - After almost two weeks of delays, NASA finally launched its ATREX experiment this morning, lighting up the early morning sky as five rockets hurtled into the air. The rockets released chemicals into the air to create artificial glowing clouds at the edge of space, MSNBC reports. Those clouds will help... More »

This Is Global Warming —Get Used to It

Bizarre weather patterns lie ahead, physicist writes

(Newser) - The northeastern US is being clobbered by snowstorm after snowstorm, and while it may not look very warm out there, global warming is the likely culprit, physicist Michio Kaku writes at CNN . Moisture in the air has a lot more to do with the amount of snow dumped than temperature... More »

Rogue Iceberg May Alter Global Circulation

Luxembourg-sized chunk from area where dense water forms

(Newser) - An iceberg the size of Luxembourg is floating free in the waters north of Antarctica, jarred loose by the impact of another iceberg—and it’s so big it could change the water movements at the root of global weather patterns. The area around the Mertz Glacier generates much dense,... More »

4 Stories